15 Dec 2016

Prepare And Plan Ahead For The Big Move

Moving is stressful business. Packing, saying good bye, changing your address, letting everyone you know of your address change, and making sure your family is prepared can all weigh on you. Moving is definitely one of those things that’s not really possible to procrastinate and do at the last minute. You have to bite the bullet and start planning in advance. If you are planning a big move soon and don’t know where to start, here are some tips for preparing and planning ahead.

How To Plan Ahead For A Move

Keep a Move Diary

Keeping a notebook with all of the things you’ve already done and things that you still need to do is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. By doing this, you can keep track of exactly what you’ve already done, avoiding unnecessary stress and effort wasted on things you’ve already gotten out of the way. This is easier to do than you think and it reduces the sense of chaos around a move.

Calculate Your Costs

The costs of moving, especially for first time movers, can seem overwhelming. They can seem even more overwhelming if you haven’t created a moving budget from the very beginning and you start to get hit with unforeseen costs close to the moving date. By establishing a budget and calculating your costs, you can decide what you might need to do yourself and what you can afford to hire professionals to help you with.

Change Your Address Before You Move

This is important because the first week (maybe more) after you’ve arrive at the new place, you probably won’t have much time for administrative stuff like this. In the meantime, important documentation might be piling up at your old address that you’ve completely forgotten about.

Get Free Moving and Packing Supplies

If you’ve never moved, you may not aware that boxes are expensive. Instead of going to a specialty packing store, or to a mail delivery service, which typically carry boxes at an incredibly marked-up price, see if a local grocery, liquor store, or restaurant has any boxes that they are willing to let you have.

Hiring a Moving Company

While some people may not have it in their budget to hire a professional moving company, if you do, they remove a ton of stress. Shop around and see what kinds of quotes you get from local movers. If you live in a big city, consider calling a moving company located a little bit outside the city. The less people demanding their services, the less money they will typically charge. Also avoid moving on a Friday, as it’s the most popular moving day, and the most expensive day of the week for moving companies.

Moving is definitely a hassle, but it can be a downright nightmare if you don’t have a plan. If you are moving soon, or know someone who is moving soon, use, and/or share this information and make the moving process as organized, and as painless as possible.

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