12 Feb 2016

2 Tips For Choosing The Right Packing Supplies

Having a pre-prepared list of all of the packing supplies you will need to move your belongings into a storage unit or a new home will make the move much less stressful. For the best moving experience possible, follow our below tips:

Choosing Right Packing Supplies

    1. Prepare a List of All of Your Supplies
      • Moving Boxes. Ensure that your boxes are brand-new and sturdy and that you have a variety of sizes to choose from. Using used boxes is generally not advised as they can be flimsy and are susceptible to breaking.
      • Specialized Boxes. Specialized boxes, such as ones for dishes, allow you to pack dishes quickly and efficiently, while providing additional protection. Similarly, there are also specialized boxes for clothing, which allow you to hang up your wardrobe, saving both time and money on dry cleaning.
      • Tape. Add extra tape to the bottom of each box to provide additional support, especially if the items in the box are particularly heavy.
      • Bubble Wrap and Shrink Wrap. Use bubble wrap to protect fragile items, like a television, while shrink wrap can be used to cover mirrors or furniture for additional protection during the move.
      • Packing Paper and Foam Peanuts. Packing paper, or recycled paper, can be used to wrap fragile items like dishes or fill out excess space in each box to prevent shifting. Foam peanuts have a similar effect, adding protection to your items by preventing items from shifting.
      • Markers. Ensure that you label the contents of each box so that unpacking is made easy.
      • Mattress Covers. Investing in a mattress cover will provide additional protection for your mattress, both during the move when it is likely to get dirt and other grime on it, and during its stay in the storage unit, where dust can accumulate.
      • Furniture Covers. These will allow your furniture to breathe during its time in the storage unit, which will prevent any mold from growing due to humidity. Similarly, it will provide additional protection away from dust and bugs.
    2. Get an Estimate of How Many Supplies You Will Need

If you aren’t sure how many packing supplies you will need, look online before you begin packing – there are many lists which will provide an estimate, which will save you a lot of time and hassle in the long run. To move into a new home, the amount of supplies you will need will vary on the size of your home. For example, a three bedroom home will usually require 16 extra large boxes, 16 large boxes, 18 medium-sized boxes, 20 small boxes, 6 rolls of tape, 2 rolls of bubble wrap and 2 packages of packing paper.

Moving can be made a lot less stressful by simply planning ahead: having a list of the packing supplies you will need and an estimate of the amount, will go a long way.

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