23 Mar 2012

Western Canada sees population explosion in latest survey

A recently released population survey shows that Canada's overall population grew by 0.2 percent in 2011, with the fastest growth coming in the prairie territories.

Alberta, Manitoba and Saksatchewan all experienced booming growth, mainly from Canadians who opted to move west. Saskatchewan, in fact, had its highest population growth in 60 years, according to the report by Statistics Canada. The province now has more than 1 million residents for the first time in history.

"Western Canada is growing rapidly," Statistics Canada demographer Julien Berard-Chagnon told the Ottawa Star. "For many years, Saskatchewan lost people to other provinces. Now, they are gaining people."

Ontario and Quebec both grew by 0.2 percent, in step with the national average. One important point to note was that Ontario's growth largely came from international immigration for the first time. In fact, the province welcomed the largest number of immigrants since 1988, according to the news source.

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