Decluttering Your Momentos
2 Apr 2018

How to Declutter Your Momentos

As we go through life’s experiences, it’s nice to hold onto things that remind us of those special times. How about that friend who had a huge shot glass collection, one shot glass for every place he had travelled to outside the country. Or the girl who saved every dance trophy she’s ever won since the age of four. As amazing as it would be to save every piece of art or ornament our children make for us throughout the years, there is a small part of us that realizes that some of these things are more like emotional dead weight. There’s simply no more room to store these trinkets and things! The shoebox at the top shelf of your closet is probably full, plus the large size Tupperware bins of memories you’ve saved over the last six Christmases. It’s safe to say, it’s time to declutter and decide what still has true sentimental value to you, and what needs to go!

Decluttering your momentos doesn’t have to mean tossing out great memories, it just means you’re making space to live better and create new memories to cherish. Plus, with the help of digital photos and the “cloud”, there’s plenty of space to store your mementos without actually taking up space (just virtual space). If the time has finally come for you to dust off your pile of bowling trophies, here are some helpful tips to assist you with the declutter:

First things first, start sorting…

Dig up your old treasures and start sorting through them. This task tends to be a lot more interesting than simply sorting through the usual junk in your home because momentos will actually strike up some fond memories along the way. Before you get lost down memory lane, keep focused on the task at hand. Go through each item and sort between determine what belongings still hold true sentimental value to you i.e prom corsage, wedding photos, baptism candles, or baby hospital bracelets. Then, sort through the things that are just collecting dust and taking up all your storage space. Do you really need those dinky McDonalds toys you saved for whatever reason you can’t even remember now? And you can probably toss out that faded old brochure you saved from the Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum you visited three years ago in Niagara Falls. How about all those mugs and school yearbooks? If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed, not to worry. The light at the end of the tunnel is near and it’s looking very clutter free and clean!

Keepsakes from your travels

You probably have really neat items you picked up during your travels. It’s normal to want to keep these items because they’re unique and remind you of that amazing trip you once took. If you have duplicate items say, three handmade woven fans from Mexico, you can probably get rid of a couple. Airline passes and photos are also popular momentos and they’re great because they don’t take up a lot of room. You can start an album to store tickets and photos from your travels, but if you’re running out of space on your bookshelf as well, a great idea is to store them in a manila envelope and file them away with other photos from all your travels.

Trophies, trinkets, and things

Trophies are super cool and they are proof of your greatest accomplishments. They are also super heavy and take up a ton of space, not to mention how difficult they are to dust! If you’re torn between keeping the trophies and wanting to make more space for new things, how about considering storing them in the form of photos. What some people do is take photos of the trophies and create an album or scrapbook about them. You can create a digital photo book and share stories about the trophies. This way, you can keep the trophies and the memories without all the dead weight. If you really do not want to part with your trophies, trinkets, and things but you really need the space, consider renting a self-storage unit to keep all your momentos safe and sound.

Things you’ve inherited

Most people do not want to part with things they’ve inherited from their beloved friends or family members. These things are too special and they are meant to be passed down to the next generation. A self-storage unit may be the solution for freeing up space of these valued items. Depending on what type of momento it is, there are climate controlled units available.

If you are worried about items being damaged in hot or humid climate conditions, climate controlled storage units are heated during the winter months and kept cool in the summer so as to maintain a constant, moderate temperature level throughout the year. Climate controlled self-storage units provide a dry, comfortable, dust-controlled environment.

Renting a self-storage unit

If you’d like more information on storage units near you for your momentos and other household items, we’d love to hear from you! Jiffy Storage is one of the most reliable and trusted self-storage facilities in the GTA. Some clients have even been choosing to store their trusted belongings with Jiffy for over 20 years. The main reason people prefer Jiffy Storage is because they are so flexible in the way they accommodate everyone’s storage needs, particularly with how long they will need it. If you only need storage for 24 hours, Jiffy can help. If you need long-term climate controlled storage, it is available at Jiffy at competitive prices. It is usually recommended to secure a self-storage space for one month regardless if you need it for a shorter period of time. There are times where space is limited due to high-demand and since life can be unexpected, having your storage space reserved for at least a month will ensure you have a backup plan if needed and it is the most cost-efficient way to go.

Contact Jiffy Storage in North York for storage pricing and solutions that would suit you. Call (416) 745-4339 today!

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