4 Jan 2012

Watch out for burglars after the holiday season

With the holiday season finally over, many homeowners are probably putting decorations in storage and taking some time to relax and enjoy their new gifts. However, this may be the most important time to stay on your toes, as burglaries occur the most during this time of year, The Tallapoosa Journal reports.

"Thieves stake out neighborhoods to find out when the owners are home," Harrison County Sheriff, Eddie Mixon told the publication. "It's a good idea to tell a neighbor when you're away so they can be on the lookout for suspicious people and write down tag numbers of suspicious cars."

Protecting your home and your valuables during this time may be a challenge, though getting a self storage container could be the answer. There, you can store any electronics, jewelry or other priceless items you have until the the high crime season is over. Items left in self storage containers will be safe and protected against any weather and a lock and key ensures no one can get in without permission.

Other tips to fly under the radar from intruders this season include getting rid of any boxes or bags that tell what you've purchased and removing any valuables from windows.  

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