10 Jan 2010

We have a storage problem. Can you help us? Part 2

Part 1 on other people’s Toronto storage problems was read by so many persons that we have compiled an updated list of Toronto GTA mini storage requests covering the period from Nov 2009 through Dec 2009.

Completed email forms for self storage “help” came from many Toronto neighbourhoods: Mid-Town Toronto, North York, Forest Hill, Downtown Toronto, Markham, Rosedale, Etobicoke, Bloor West, Leaside, Woodbridge, Vaughan, Mississauga. And we are ready to help them all. We have a self storage space ready in our Toronto storage facilities ready for each of their personal storage needs.

Jiffy Self Storage in Toronto is equipped to handle virtually every public self storage need.

See if you recognize a self storage need here that is similar to yours.

  • I am looking for a space to store small furniture items (ie, dresser, mattress, box spring, some boxes). I would like a location close to 600 Queen’s Quay West, Toronto, for Dec 1 2009. Please let me know what is available, and the price. Thanks.
  • I would like to know how much will it cost to rent a 5X5 storage unit. Can one rent monthly, or is there a lease etc?
  • Looking for a climate controlled, 5×10 storage room, in or near Mississauga. Please let me know what is available (for Nov. 7) Thanks.
  • I’m with KPMG and we have an international client looking to securely store 6-8 boxes for 12-18 months. Please let me know your quote. Thanks.
  • Hi, looking to store my landscape trailer and equipment indoors. Need the space in Aurora. Please email back if there is something available in this price range. Thank you.
  • Hello was looking for a portable storage unit can I have the prices for a 12 and 16 long. Thanks.
  • Hello…looking for storage for my entire apartment contents for at least a 6 month period. I would also be interested in having movers. I would like a unit by Nov. 16….and I think it would need to be about 12 by 20ish….thank you for your attention.
  • Where is your nearest storage location to Thornhill L3T 5A5? How much would a 10ft x 10ft x 10ft spot cost for 6 months to store my motorcycles? Please advise via email. Thanks.
  • Need storage pricing. Need one year agreement on 10 x 20.
  • I need a portable container for about a week to store some of our homeowner’s belongings while we refinish her floors. What’s the cheapest solutions you have?
  • Need a storage bin about the size of a small bedroom. Can I get a cost estimate? And can I move my things there at any date once storage purchaced or is there a time for loading storage lockers? What is the monthly payment to rent storage?
  • Hi, I’m looking for non climate control storage for household items. Please let me know if available in Toronto and monthly cost. Thanks.
  • I am doing a price inquiry for a storage area big enough for a queen bed frame & mattress with some storage boxes.
  • Hi; I’m gonna be in between apts for a month and wanted a price quote. Pls call or email, thank you.
  • Looking for the price for 5×5 storage-wanting to store 2 bicycles, 4 tires, hockey equip , snowboard, and approx 4 boxes. Looking for long term.
  • We have a few furniture items to store now (sofa, armoire) and a few more to add to storage within six months (bed frame, another armoire, chest of drawers). Looking for a place that will allow us to scale our storage space. Also very important…we are looking for some physical help to move these things. Please call. Would like to make initial move next weekend.
  • I need some storage space for 10-15 days because I will be doing some renovations, I would like how much it is.
  • What is your closest location to Pharmacy and St. Clair? How much for a 5′ x 5′ space and how high is the ceiling? Thanks.
  • Hello, I am looking for pricing information for 5×10, or so storage unit (to store furniture from a 700 sq ft 1 bdrm apartment). Thank you.
  • I would probably need indoor storage for 15 – 16 months.
  • Hi my name is ___, I plan on attending the University of Toronto next year and will need to store my belongings before my apartment is available. So far I’m planning on moving my belongings at the end of the summer and at some point might end up leaving my car. Can you send some information on the costs I can expect for 2 months storage of my belongings and one month of vehicle storage? Thanks.
  • Hello, Could you inform me how much storage space is required for 2000 coffee mugs and how much will the total storage cost be? Thanks.
  • Hi. I’m an Ebay seller and am looking for a place to store a small amount of inventory. I’m wondering what is the rate for a 5’x5′ unit. I’m also looking at the office units. I run the store with 2 other people and am looking for a place we can meet 1-2 times a month, preferably with internet access. Is there a charge for use of the work area/meeting rooms? If so, what are the rates? What is the rate and sizes for the workspace/office units with internet access? Thanks.
  • Hi there, I’m interested in a small storage unit for an undetermined amount of time. I’m wondering about pricing and your location. The biggest things I have to store are a futon frame, two mattresses bookshelf, kitchen table and three chairs plus some boxes. What size storage would I need? Thanks.
  • How much would a storage room approx. 5′ by 10′ by 10′ (or similar dimensions) be? No climate control or special features are needed. Thanks.
  • Need to know how much it would cost for storage – I have to store the contents of a 1 bedroom apartment. a) if it is just storage space that i rent out per month; b) if i rent out a portable storage unit which you deliver and then you take it to storage for me. Please give me a price quote via email. Thanks.
  • Hello, I will be moving from Halifax, NS to Toronto and would like a quote for heated storage for some house hold items. Specifically, king size bedroom set, dining room table and an LCD tv. I can be reached at anytime at the number provided above. Thank you.
  • I need to storage household goods from the end of Dec to Aug. 1. I think a 10′ storage unit will do it. Can you send me price and info on how to book? Thank you.
  • Hello, I would like to know what how big is the lower cost storage. Are there other fee such as insurance etc. I should count for? Thanks.
  • I am looking for storage for 4-6 months for the contents of a 700sq ft apartment beginning Feb 1 2010. Could you provide me with information on size/cost and availability of storage with your facility? Thanks in advance ________. Best way to contact me is via email … thank you.
  • We have small construction equipment such as a bench saw, tile cutter, etc as well as an antique dining table, dining room side table and end tables, and some clothing, 12 tires, 3 bicycles and file boxes to store for about a year. We are moving to a tiny apartment at 33 Davisville Ave. Where would be the closest location that we could move into within the next 3 weeks?
  • Hello, I am writing on behalf of my mother who wishes to find storage for the contents of her 850 square feet one bedroom apartment for approx. 4 years. It is her phone number, please tell her that her daughter sent the request for info when you call her, or she won’t have a clue what the call is about! Could you please give her an estimate on cost?
  • I am inquiring about the fees for the rental of an of site storage container (approx 10′) for 1 month (February). I am located downtown. Please respond by email. Thanks!
  • Looking for a comprehensive quote for about 80 boxes (that we have) including transportation, storage fees and sending a file back to us for review once in a while.
  • Hey I am out of town from Dec.10 – Jan.12, and I want to store my stuff in my dorm, its not a lot. Only 2 large boxes I guess. Could you store these stuff for me? How much would it cost?
  • I would like to know how much is for a self storage room 100×100 in the downtown area? Please and thank you.
  • Does Jiffy maintain any kind of pest control in the building?
  • How much would the cost of 7000 collection boxes, which occupy 74 skids, be? This is going to be for long term (more than two years).
  • Looking for cost for long term 10×10′ storage from next Aug 2010 for 12-24months.
  • I’m looking for heated ground-level storage 10′ x 20′ for one or two months. I live in southwest end of Toronto. Thanks!
  • What are your prices? Need to move in the next couple of months and need to pack and move all items. Provide prices for all sizes of bins. Also, do we provide you with our address, where you will deliver bins, and then provide you with our new address for you to pick up bins and deliver items to new address?
  • Hello. I want to move out before the end of the year and don’t know yet when I will be moving to a new place. I have a typical one bedroom apartment. I’m assuming about a month’s rental should suffice. Thanks.
  • Hello – we would like more information about renting one of your portable modular containers – either 16′ or 20′ size. We need a container that can be left in our driveway for us to fill, then picked up and stored somewhere safely and securely, possibly for a couple of months. Please let us know our options and the cost, thank you.
  • Inquiring about public storage for our furniture and belongings. We require a storage until that will hold a 2 bedroom plus den apartment size storage unit. Also, we are especially interested in having a heated storage space. We are looking to rent the storage until from January 23, 2010 to March 6, 2010. Please send a quote. Kind Regards.
  • I need a storage place for my VW Jetta from Dec 14 to Jan 6, how much is it? please give me both indoor and outdoor options. Thanks.
  • I need a storage unit for approx 12 clothing racks (with clothes) and approx 20 boxes with room for me to move around in there.
  • Pls note I live in China currently. I need to store household goods in Toronto starting the week of Jan 18, 2010. I need minimum 100sq ft. Need to be centrally located. Please advise your most central location and the availability and price for 6-mth and 1-year rental.
  • I would like to know the approximate cost to store our house contents in the event that we sell our home before our new home is ready.
  • I am looking for storage of household items for 2 yrs. What service can u provide? And can u pls send an estimate of cost involved. Thanks.
  • I am looking for information about pricing and locations. I would need a space – around 8 x 8 or so, for at least 6 months likely longer. Thanks, please email is probably the best way to reach me as I don’t currently have a cell phone – (you can leave a message on my land line).
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