10 Dec 2016

Destress Your Holidays With These Organization Tips

Everyone likes to be organized, but not everyone likes the act of getting organized. This is especially true during the holidays. The holidays, especially if you are a parent, can be a completely overwhelming time of year. Planning, decorating, hosting and arranging parties, and buying gifts. All of this stress can make you begin to resent what should be a happy, festive time. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by what feels like a lack of time to do all of the necessary things, destress your holidays with the organizing tips below.

How To Organize For The Holidays

Write it Down

If you haven’t gotten into the habit of making lists of things to do (regardless of what it is), this holiday season is a good time to start. Whether it is people that you need to buy gifts for, rooms to decorate, or guest lists to create for parties, write down exactly what it is that you need to do and check the items on your list off one by one.

You Can’t Do Everything

There are certain times when you just have to say no. If you have a large social circle, and a large family, there are going to be scheduling conflicts. Don’t say yes to everything. Write down exactly what your available time can realistically accommodate and stick to it. You will not only avoid overextending yourself, but you will also avoid disappointing people when you inevitably have to cancel.

Take Inventory of What You Have

While you unpack and decorate, it is useful to make a list of what you have that works, what you have that’s useful, what can be recycled or given away and what needs to be replaced. Consider this a preemptive exercise that will make your life easier come the following holiday season.

Get the Family Involved

If you are the parent in the house that typically handles absolutely everything, stop. The holidays are about being together as a family, and that should include working together as a family. If your kids can’t live without the Christmas lights on the outside of your home, have them show you how important they are to them by helping to put them up.

See-through Storage

Transparent plastic storage containers are always a good idea, holidays or otherwise, because they let you see what exactly is inside. While it might seem like a small luxury to be able to see into a box, the time spent checking is something that compounds over time, and when time is of the essence, every little bit you can save, counts.

Keeping your head on straight during the holidays, whether you are organized or not, can often be quite the task. With all the competing obligations, the holidays are a whirlwind for many people. If you incorporate the above organizational tips for the holidays into your plan of attack this year, you will be one step closer to keeping the holidays stress free.

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