1 Mar 2016

10 Ways To Find More Space In Your Home

A lack of space in your home often has a lot to do with failing to utilize your current space in an effective manner – it is usually not simply a lack of insufficient space. For example, most closets can generally hold twice the amount that they do, but are just not utilized properly.

Finding Space In Your Home

However, there are some things you can do to rearrange your current space in a more effective manner, opening up much more space for you to take advantage of. If you’ve moved your seasonal or unused items to a storage facility and are still having a hard time making space in your home, follow these 10 tips:

  1. Utilize All of your Wall Space.
    The storage options for walls are endless, including pots and pans in the kitchen, or for tools in the garage.
  2. Adjust or Add More Shelves.
    Most shelves can moved up or down to allow more storage in-between. Alternatively, additional shelves can also be added as well. A great place for these are above door frames and toilets.
  3. Add Drawers or Sliding Shelves.
    Consider installing additional drawers or sliding shelves underneath cabinets in the kitchen or bathroom, to create additional space. Another great space is under the stairs; consider installing drawers or cabinets here as well.
  4. Multifunctional Furniture.
    Consider investing in a coffee table that has storage options down below, or an ottoman. Similarly, a vintage suitcase can be used as a night table, providing great storage inside.
  5. Add a Second Rod to Your Closets.
    Maximize all of your closet space by having two rods (one above the other) and utilize the shorter one for shorter clothing, including shirts or shorts.
  6. Store Items Under Furniture.
    This is also an often overlooked area of storage; however, storing items under the bed or couch, for example, is a great way to free up space elsewhere. Take it one step further by installing drawers underneath.
  7. Utilize the Backs of Doors.
    The options here are endless. Hang hooks for jackets or install a pegboard and hang all of your jewelry on it.
  8. Make Use of All Windowsills.
    This is an often overlooked area, but can be a good use of space for various knickknacks that may be taking up space elsewhere, or even books.
  9. Use Storage Containers.
    Storage containers are especially useful in the kitchen to organize your spices, for example, or in the bathroom for storing all of your under-sink products. These will organize your space more efficiently.
  10. Use Baskets.
    These can be added to virtually any space, providing storage in a very sleek or rustic way.

There is a range of ways to find additional space in your home, which can be customized to your budget and personal tastes. If you’ve utilized these options and are still unable to find the space you need for your belongings, contact Jiffy Self Storage today! We’ll help you store your home’s overflow so you can stay organized!

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