Need to Know Tips When Staging a Home
7 Jan 2019

Need to Know Tips When Staging a Home

Want to get the most money for your home? You’d better stage it beautifully.

Home staging is the art of prepping a home for sale. The goal is to make it as appealing as possible for the highest number of potential buyers. They should be able to walk through your home and see it for all of its positive attributes and envision themselves building a life there.

Staged homes are clean, organized, and free of clutter. If you stage your home right, you could get well over your asking price, sell your home quickly, and learn a thing or two about home decor in the process. Here are some tips on how to make your home stage ready!

Do you have curb appeal?

Before a potential buyer even enters your home, they see the outside. This is their real first impression. First impressions happen in a split second and will affect their judgement of your home, should they decide to investigate further. Boosting your curb appeal will get more people interested and will give them a favourable impression of your home right off the bat.

Make sure the sidewalk is power washed, your lawn trimmed, and flowerbeds are in full bloom. Wash the siding of your house to make it sparkle like new and take care of washing windows. If your front desk is looking shabby, give a fresh coat of sealant to restore its glow.

Bedroom time

The bedroom is a refuge, a room that will either state “home” or “pass.” The master bedroom should appeal to both sexes and contain new bedding. A bit of fluff factor in your pillows will have viewers wanting to retire after a long day of walking. Use neutral colours and accessorize with items that complement the colour scheme. The master bedroom is like the crown jewel of your home. If it’s looking absolutely refreshed and welcoming, it will elevate the viewer’s impression of your entire house.

It’s important to maximize the space in all areas of your home, but this is especially true for the bedroom. Use a temporary storage unit to store any bedroom furniture that isn’t a necessity. Keeping your bedroom clear of additional furniture will make the room seem bigger, and give potential buyers room to envision their dream bedroom.

Kitchen cabinets

The state of your cabinets determines much of your kitchen’s eye appeal. Many people make the mistake of putting their home on the market with “vintage” cabinets. You don’t have to replace them to avoid the underwhelming effect of old-fashioned cabinets. Give them a nice dark stain instead. Your kitchen will smack of thoughtful renovation, and all it cost you was one can of wood stain and a drive to the paint store.

Update the appliances

It may seem expensive and time-consuming up front but updating your kitchen appliances brings a high return in the end. Sellers are looking for modern amenities, and that includes flat range stovetops with electric burners, new microwaves, and a refrigerator that can text your neighbour (or whatever it is smart appliances are doing at this point). New appliances will rub off on the rest of your house, giving it the “brand new” glow that buyers find seriously enticing.


Similar to deep cleaning, you’ll want to do a deep declutter. One of the best ways to do this is to simply rent a temporary storage unit. You’ll be able to get rid of the bulk of your personal items that dissuade buyers, and it will help you get a head start on the eventual moving-out process; double win. It’s so much easier to keep your house looking clean and tidy during staging if your non-essentials are stowed away from sight. Plus they’ll be easily accessible once you’ve finished showing your home.

Let the sun in

Something as simple as opening a window and allowing the sun to stream in can literally show your home in a better light. Natural light is preferred by photographers, and there’s a good reason. It’s soft, flattering, and easy on the eyes. Everything looks slightly better bathed in natural light, including your home. If your home doesn’t boast floor to ceiling windows, you can trick your way to inviting more natural light into your home by removing large, bulky furniture.

Stowing large pieces of furniture away in a storage unit when staging your home will allow natural light to fill the room, instead of being blocked by bulky pieces of furniture. By freeing up space in your home, rooms with limited sources of natural light will be able to shine a little bit brighter.

Staging doesn’t have to be a nightmare. With the right tips and tricks, buyers will be able to see the potential in your home as they walk through and will put down offers with minimal negotiation. Your home is your greatest asset. Staging it before sale helps you maximize your investment, putting you in a position to receive at or above your asking price and finalizing the sale of your house easily.

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