How to get your home ready for an open house?
15 Jul 2020

How to Get Your Home Ready for an Open House

When selling your home, every person has a similar goal: a quick sale with maximum profit. However, this type of success doesn’t just happen by itself; it takes strategic planning and getting your home looking its best to appeal to prospective buyers. Here are some ways you can get your home ready for an open house.

Make it Less Personal

Even though you may have a sentimental attachment to it, when showing your home, you must make it look as minimal and depersonalized as possible. Think about it like this: your space is going to be a new home for its future occupants, and they are going to make it their own. Creating a blank canvas will help prospective sellers envision the space with their own items. 

To make your home less personal, you’ll want to store away your sentimental objects like photographs, heirlooms, and more. You can always rent a storage space for as long as you need to accommodate the sale and throughout your moving process if you do not have the space to store these items.

For furniture, you should keep the most minimal pieces in your house, and store away the rest that creates clutter or is distracting. You can also store these pieces away in a self-storage unit, like the ones we offer at Jiffy Self-Storage.

Get Rid of Clutter

The longer you live in a home, the more likely you have collected a large amount of clutter. Many people have difficulty parting ways with items due to sentimental value, or not having the time to get around to it. If you’ve been overwhelmed by clutter, you’ll want to sort through your items and give away anything you haven’t used. Or, if you want to use the Marie Kondo way of thinking, get rid of things that don’t spark joy.

To get rid of items, you can do your part and donate them to a charity or nonprofit. Diabetes Canada will even pick up the items you want to discard if you schedule a time. Be sure to check online for what items these organizations accept.

For items that you want to keep, but need to store away for your open house, these can also be added with your other items in a self-storage unit.

To give your home a clean look, take books or other trinkets off the shelves. You can hide the essential items that you use every day once you’re finished with them in a small box and put them in the closet.

Keep Closets and Cabinets Organized

Since buyers are making a significant investment, they will want to look into each part of your home, including closets and cabinets. You’ll want to make an extra effort to make sure your closets and cabinets look tidy.

More organized-looking spaces will allow the prospective buyer to picture each detail, and give an excellent overall impression of the home. Other strategies include doing small things like turning your mug handles so they face the same way and other touch-ups that will be aesthetically pleasing. For closets, clothes, and shoes should be lined up properly.

Take Care of Repairs

Leaving repairs incomplete can impact whether or not you sell your home. These repairs can include cracked flooring or tiles, holes in the walls, leaky faucets or doors, or jammed drawers. Also, if you’ve painted your walls a unique colour, you may want to rethink and paint them a more neutral shade.

Always replace burnt-out lightbulbs or ones that may be on the verge of burning out. You wouldn’t want any prospective buyers to have issues come up when they view your home in an open house setting. In fact, house showings are more successful when the home is as bright as possible, so be sure to open all curtains and blinds.

Freshen Up Your House 

When it comes to cleanliness, it goes without saying that your home should be sparkling clean during a showing. Hiring a cleaning crew is an excellent option to get every nook and cranny cleaned up. If you don’t have a cleaner within your budget, do a deep clean by thoroughly washing the windows, polishing sinks and areas in the bathroom and kitchen, and getting rid of dust from hard to reach areas. You’ll also want to mop the floors and vacuum at least once a day. Make sure to do a spot clean every day that you intend to show your home, and keep the toilet lid down before you leave.

You may not know this, but kitchens can make or break a deal. You’ll want to ensure that your kitchen is decluttered and sparkling clean so that no smells from previous meals linger. If your kitchen does seem musty, ventilate the area by opening a window or using a refreshing spray.

Enhance Curb Appeal

For a potential sale, it always starts with how the outside of your house looks. You can miss out on a deal right away if the curb view is unappealing. So, how can you make your curb appeal better? It’s simple; you can do a new paint job on your front door, add flowers, mow the lawn, or fix any cracks on the walkway. Your house number should also be visible.

The Last Step 

Do one last spot check before your open house. Go into each room, make sure it’s perfect, and envision how a prospective buyer may perceive it. If necessary, rearrange your furniture to improve the flow or aesthetics of your home.

Here is a handy checklist that will ensure you’ve completed all necessary tasks before an open house. If you have followed each of the recommended steps, you should be right on track to show your home. A clean, minimalist home will be more attractive to potential buyers so that they can envision the home as their own. 

At Jiffy Self-Storage, we want to help you succeed in your home-selling process. If you have too many items around your home that are creating clutter, you can store them in our top-quality self-storage units. No matter what length of time you want to store your items, we will work with you to accommodate your needs.

Why choose Jiffy?

First of all, we have the accolades to back up our self-storage services: we were voted as Toronto’s best storage company by Toronto Life magazine and are a 20-time winner of the Consumers’ Choice Award for Business Excellence. We have 23 years of experience in Toronto, with a combined experience of 35 years in the self-storage industry. 

Since we are so passionate about self-storage, we have undergone the necessary accreditations to meet consumer demands. These include being accredited with the Better Business Bureau and obtaining an A+ rating.

Contact Us Today

Now that you know what we can offer, get in touch with us to find out more about our services and if they’re right for you. Simply call 416-745-4339 or fill out the contact form on our website. We look forward to helping you get ready for your home sale. 

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