2 Feb 2012

Sellers today have new challenge of the “HGTV” effect

Home renovation and dream home shows have become increasingly popular over the past few years and give TV watchers glimpses into houses with ample storage and zero clutter. Now many in the realty business feel people are getting an unrealistic image in their heads about what homes should look like when they visit. Many are calling it the "HGTV effect," Moneyville reports.

According to the source, when realtors stage homes now, they makes sure to tell clients to remove any and all clutter or personal touches, as these make houses less appealing since the era of HGTV came about.

"This generation's expectations of what's reasonable and livable in a house is significantly different than previous generations," John Pasalis, a Canadian realtor who deals with a lot of first-time buyers, told the publication. "People have this vision based on what they see on TV. Generally, if a house doesn't have stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, new bathrooms and pot lights, there's a sense that you're slumming it."

Because of this emerging trend, sellers need to complete many more renovations before putting their homes on the market if they want it to sell. Pasalis told the source that in the past, people would simply add fresh coats of paint to the walls and remove personal touches to impress buyers, now they must revamp entire rooms. One big way to enhance a home's value is to paint the exterior a neutral color that is easy on the eyes, Realtor.com suggests.

With all of these new requirements, some sellers might find it easier to look for affordable self storage in Toronto, rather than try to find places in the home to hid their trinkets. 

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