15 Aug 2016

Tips To Safely Store Heirlooms

Most families have at least a box-full of family heirlooms that, while important to them, simply cannot be placed around the home due to lack of space, or their inability to fit in with the rest of the decor. They either end up sitting in an attic, a closet or a basement, taking up space, perhaps even being damaged by improper storage, pests, or climatic conditions. If you are planning on storing your family heirlooms in a self-storage unit, below are some tips for doing it safely.

Storing Family Heirlooms

Ensure proper packaging. If you are storing old photos or documents, it might make sense to invest in some more protection than simply a cardboard box. You can find closing plastic bins at most big box stores that will effectively keep out moisture and if you are able to place shelving in your storage unit, it will help keep things off the ground.

Temperature control. A self-storage unit with temperature control is a must when storing family heirlooms because there is a good chance that the items are already very old and are starting to degrade anyways. Finding a storage unit in an indoor facility will help you maximize the benefits of temperature control.

Lock up smaller items. If your family heirlooms are worth more than just their sentimental value, it is a good idea to invest in something that will allow you to lock them up while in your storage unit. Storage facilities go to great lengths to protect their clients’ property, but break-ins are not unheard of and no security system is ever impenetrable.

Research a storage facility nearby. It’s a good idea to spend a little bit extra, especially where protecting your family’s legacy is involved, and select a storage facility that has a steady flow of constant activity. Storage facilities that have people coming and going at all times and which are more centrally located are typically at less risk of break-ins than those that are off the beaten path. More activity typically means the place is in higher demand, and therefore charges more, but it’s worth it to protect important family artifacts.

You can, and should store family heirlooms in a storage facility if there is simply no more storage space in your home. Take the necessary precautions when storing them and they will continue to be around for generations to come. Follow the above tips when storing family heirlooms and ensure that everything is safe and sound.

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