Storing statues in a storage unit
22 Dec 2021

8 Tips for Storing Statues in a Storage Unit

Antique and fine art statues are some of the most prized possessions amongst art collectors and artists. They value them for their connection to history, beauty, and for the effort that goes into creating them. When storing items such as statues, however, you need to be aware of precautions that should always be taken to ensure the statue stays in pristine condition and does not incur damage during storage. 

If you or someone you know is looking to store a valuable statue in a storage unit, there are definitely some pointers that need to be considered. Read on to find out 8 of the best tips for storing your statues and fine art in a self-storage unit, and you can rest assured that your items will be just as you left them when you take them out.

1. Choose climate controlled storage

When storing any type of art, delicate items, or valuables, it’s important to choose climate-controlled storage so that your precious items won’t be victim to extreme weather conditions. Heat and humidity can especially wreak havoc on your fine art paintings, statues, and wood-based antiques. Keep your art away from high heat or cold, and choose climate-controlled storage every time. You’ll know you made the right choice when you take your items out of storage looking immaculate.

2. Ensure safety

Expensive statues and fine art are definitely not items that you want to leave unattended for long periods of time. By this same logic, you should never keep these valuable items in a storage unit that is not safely secured with video surveillance, good lighting, and additional security measures to keep them from being stolen. 

Choose a reputable storage facility that values security and adheres to proper guidelines in order to keep your things safe. Since safety should be a top priority, at Jiffy Self-Storage, we are committed to ensuring your valuables are safe and that our units are always equipped with top-of-the-line security measures.

3. Clean before storing

As with almost any item, you will need to give your statues a good dusting and a thorough wipe down before putting them away for the long haul. Make sure that whatever cleaning solution you use is safe for the materials you are using it on. When in doubt, dusting with a microfiber cloth or wiping down with some water should suffice. Never use harsh chemicals or cleaning solutions on fine or delicate art.

4. Prep with protection

Before putting your fine art and statues into storage, you should take the proper care and attention to carefully guard these items with breathable and protective coverings such as cotton, brown paper, or felt. Make sure the corners are properly supported with cardboard, and support is given to the statue if needed. Covering your statues will ensure that no pests or bugs can contact them, and will keep them clean and dirt-free for when you uncover them in the future.

5. Leave space

Another very important tip when it comes to storing your art and statues is to leave space, and to never store these items in cramped conditions. Thus, make sure that you choose the right size storage for your art, and that the container you place it in is never overpacked.

6. Use durable storage

It should go without saying that whatever storage container you use for your statues should be durable and heavy-duty. Never place valuable art or statues in flimsy storage containers or cardboard boxes, which can easily collapse and break your items.

7. Create barriers and division

Always keep a barrier between your stored art and the floor. This could be in the form of a felt divider or plastic barrier between the floor and your art. Don’t pile pieces of art on top of one another, and always store artwork upright so that it doesn’t risk becoming damaged.

8. Check items periodically

Instead of just leaving your fine art and valuable statues to stay in self-storage for the long-term, you can check on them periodically to ensure they are still as you left them. Keep in mind that storage facilities will allow you regular access, so you always have the option to access your items should you need to.

Statues, paintings, and fine art are meant to be treasured and kept on display for many years. When dealing with these types of art, it’s important to choose climate-controlled storage that can protect your fragile or delicate items for the long term. Don’t make the mistake of leaving your important, valuable items in inadequate storage conditions.

For more information on fine arts storage and self-storage in Toronto, please call Jiffy Self-Storage at 416-74-JIFFY (54339) or contact us here. We are proud to serve Toronto and the GTA for your convenience. Please contact us for more information on how we can help.

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