How To Organize Your Garage
7 May 2018

How to Organize Your Garage

You know it’s time to organize your garage when you can fit everything inside your garage except for your car. Believe it or not, the garage is actually used to safely park your vehicle as well as for storing tools, sports equipment, bicycles, and more. But, most of us are using the garage for storing boxes of old household appliances, knick-knacks, seasonal things, and more junk to the point where it’s too crowded to even walk through. If you can find brilliant ways to organize your garage, you might just have room for it all. With that being said, here are some smart ways on how to organize your garage:

Make use of the vertical space and install shelving for storage

You’ve probably heard this advice before and it applies for many other rooms like your home office, laundry room, and bedrooms. If you need more space, like in your garage, install shelves that are wide enough to hold bins. Use bins to store cleaning products and such. Arrange things in a space-efficient way. You not only clear more floor space, but you are optimizing the storage space on the shelves as well.

Chemicals are the number one danger in many households. Store pesticides, paints, auto fluids, and other chemicals up on shelves, far away from children’s reach.

Hang hooks for gardening tools

Secure your gardening tools, shovels, and brooms along the wall by hanging them on hooks. Not only will they be out of your way but, they will be easier to access when you need them, and it frees up that corner they were all stashed in previously.

Storage system for garage

There are many storage solutions that you can get in pieces to customize for your own garage size. Storage solutions come with cabinets, shelving, and racks. Measure the walls where the storage solution would make the most sense and custom fit cabinets and shelving in this area.

Use a ball corral for families who are active in sports

Do you have a ton of balls rolling around or piled in a bulk bin in the garage? Maybe a ball corral would work better for your family. This sturdy ball corral holds a herd of balls and lets kids easily grab the balls at the bottom without unloading all the ones on top.

Recycling bin rack

No one ever thinks of stacking the recycling bins off the floor until they are presented the idea and the light bulb just goes ding! In their head. Getting these bulky bins off the valuable floor space in the garage might just be the difference between being able to fit your car in or not!

Add outdoor storage

Do you have space in your backyard or on the side of your house for a new shed? A shed can free up a ton of space. You can move all of your lawn care equipment, some tools, and maybe some sporting goods into a shed for better organization and access for when you need it.

Mount your bikes on the wall

Install wall mounts to hang your bikes. Not only will it free up floor space but it’ll prevent your car from being scratched everytime the kids pull out their bikes for a ride.

For all other boxes and bins of junk in your garage, it’s time to sort between what is still valuable and what needs to be donated or thrown away. You’d be amazed how much space you can get if you can get through all the boxes and remove what is just dead weight. It could be a project you tackle in one weekend if you are really dedicated and it will surely be worth your time. Having another space that can be used for everyday living in your home is always a good thing.

If you are running low on storage space at home, have you ever considered renting a self-storage unit nearby? Storage units are great for offloading belongings that you still value or need, but are not being used at the current time. It is like an extension to your home by adding storage just a short drive away. With a self-storage unit, you can store away all the boxes and things that you’ve been crowded your garage with and finally have an opportunity to use your garage for what it’s really meant for, parking your car and storing all your tools and sporting equipment.

If you’re looking for a self-storage unit in your area, Jiffy Storage is one of the most reliable and trusted self-storage facilities in the GTA with some of the best-maintained climate controlled units around. Some clients have even been choosing to store their trusted belongings with Jiffy for over 20 years. The main reason people prefer Jiffy Storage is because they are so flexible in the way they accommodate everyone’s storage needs, particularly with how long they will need it. If you only need storage for 24 hours, Jiffy can help. If you need long-term climate controlled storage, it is available at Jiffy at competitive prices. It is usually recommended to secure a self-storage space for one month regardless if you need it for a shorter period of time. There are times where space is limited due to high-demand and since life can be unexpected, having your storage space reserved for at least a month will ensure you have a backup plan if needed and it is the most cost-efficient way to go.

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