28 Mar 2016

6 Tips For A Successful Garage Sale This Spring

Spring has sprung and it’s time to declutter! A garage sale is a fun, and even profitable way to clear your house out of items you no longer need or use. It’s also a great way to meet neighbours, and perhaps make someone’s day. Remember, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” !

Garage Sale

Use these tips to ensure your garage sale is a big success!

  1. Pick the Right Date

    Garage sales traditionally fall on a Saturday or Sunday. You may also want to coordinate with your neighbours and throw a street sale, which will draw more traffic to the area and can also be a fun neighbourhood event.

  2. Advertise

    When it comes to throwing a successful garage sale, advertising is everything! Your ad should include such pertinent information as:

    • Time and date of garage sale
    • Address of home, and any major intersections/landmarks
    • Types of items being sold

    While the traditional form of advertising garage sales is sidewalk posters, the internet now provides us with many other advertising options such as Craigslist, Kijiji, and Facebook. Utilize all platforms to get the word out about your sale!

  3. Organize Your Items

    Enhance people’s shopping experiences, and speed up sales by keeping your items carefully organized. Group smaller, similar items in boxes with prices clearly marked. Set up tables and racks so that everyone can see items clearly. Keep similar items in the same area. People are more likely to stop at an organized looking garage sale than a cluttered one.

  4. Make It Lively

    You may choose to liven up the typical garage sale experience by adding on things, for instance:

    • A lemonade stand
    • Baked goods, or snacks
    • BBQ
    • Live music

    All these things will draw more people, and make your garage sale more of a fun, social event.

  5. Include Others

    Perhaps you want to get rid of some things, but don’t feel that you have enough things for a whole garage sale. This doesn’t mean you have to back down! Discuss with family, friends, and neighbours to see if they’d like to combine their garage sales. Things work best when everyone works together!

  6. Have a Float

    If you don’t usually work with cash, you may forget about this one–make sure you’ve got lots of change! Go to the bank ahead of time and over prepare with a large float. The last thing you want to do is run out of change.

Garage sales are a great part of the warmer months! By advertising, and organizing your sale properly you’re sure to draw a large crowd. Happy spring, and have fun!

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