Furniture Warping In Storage
27 Oct 2017

Will Furniture Warp In Storage?

At some point, most people are going to have to consider looking outside of their limited storage space to something off-site to help with their storage needs. This might include a trusted storage facility in your community that can help you store furniture while you decide what you are ultimately going to be doing with it. One of the most common items put into self storage is furniture, and many people worry that putting furniture into a self storage unit will cause warpage that will render the furniture unusable.

If you are wondering whether your furniture will warp in self storage, the below information will be useful before making any self storage decisions. It is generally the consensus that you really only need to worry about wood furniture when you put it into self storage. Metal and plastic is not going to be as susceptible to the elements as wood, so you really only need to be extra careful about putting wood furniture into storage.

Climate Controlled Storage

If you are planning on putting wood furniture into a self storage unit,, make sure you are moving your wood furniture somewhere with climate controlled storage. This really is the key to avoiding warping with wood furniture. The reason wood furniture warps is because of rapid changes in temperature which cause the wood to contract and expand, resulting in warped furniture. Most storage facilities will be able to provide you with a quick quote on storage pricing for a climate controlled storage unit.

Moisturize Before Storage

Another thing to consider with wood furniture is that you can undertake additional preventative measures before putting it into storage, to ensure you aren’t running the risk of warping it. While storage pricing that includes climate controlled storage is always a good idea, so too is cleaning and polishing the wood so that it is well moisturized before it enters self storage. If you put dry wood into self storage—even a climate controlled unit—you increase the chances that extra dry weather is going to come through and crack your wood furniture.

Finding a good, reliable self storage facility that offers climate controlled storage, and giving your wood furniture some TLC before putting it away into self storage, will go a long way to protecting your belongings while they are in a storage unit. Keep the above wood furniture storage considerations in mind before putting your wood furniture into storage long-term, and ensure it is in great condition when it comes time to take it out.

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