17 May 2012

Managing furniture in a new home

Once a consumer has bought their new house, one of the first things they’ll likely want to do is furnish it. Whether this means moving in their old items or buying new ones, it’s important for new homeowners to have a strategy when it comes to bringing furniture to their new home.

For those bringing their old furniture, it might be a good idea to look into an affordable self storage unit before move-in day. Let’s face it – bringing everything over in one go can be a major hassle. Having a self storage unit to keep extra items until a place can be found for them is a good way to ease this process. It may also allow new homeowners to visualize their space more efficiently, so they have a better idea of where things should go once everything’s moved in.

Others may opt to buy brand-new furniture to go with their brand-new home. Moneyville recommends buyers look into plans at many furniture stores that allow homeowners to “pay later.” Some furniture stores allow this option with no interest, giving buyers more than a year after the purchase to make the payments on the new items. This is a great way for homeowners to space out their payments and ensure they have plenty of money to handle all the expenses that can come with a new home.

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