5 Sep 2016

The World’s 4 Most Expensive Collectibles

With the increasing popularity of shows such as Storage Wars and Antiques Roadshow, the idea that you might find a high value collectible hidden away in a basement space isn’t such a far-fetched concept. We’ve now become attuned to looking out for bargains as we scan flea markets and second-hand stores. And to help inspire you in your search for those true bargains, this post will take a look at the four most expensive collectibles in the current marketplace.

A Guide To The Most Expensive Collectibles

  1. Yuan Dynasty Vase

    This Yuan Dynasty vase measuring 34 centimeters was sold at auction for $1.2million in 1993. The item’s popularity stems from its unique history, having been a popular item between the 16 and 20th centuries and famed for its blue and white markings.

  2. The 206 Honus Wagner Baseball Card

    Sold for $1.26million in 2000, the 206 Honus Wagner baseball card is said to be worth multiples of that figure today. The card was made by the American tobacco company who produced between 60 and 200 cards before ceasing production completely. This made the card distinct and rare among collections. Honus Wagner was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1926 and was known predominantly for his speed on the field. Regardless of its condition, the 206 Honus Wagner baseball card remains the rarest and most valuable on the market.

  3. Treskilling Yellow Stamp

    The Treskilling yellow stamp is considered the most valuable stamp in the world. While stamp collectors around the world take great pride in their giant collections, one lucky person managed to find and sell the Treskilling yellow stamp for $2.3million in 1996. The stamp was first published in 1855 and features the Swedish coat of arms and Swedish skilling in various denominations. The item’s rarity is the result of an error that caused the stamp to be published yellow-orange, rather than the traditional blue-green. This mistake turned out to be a multiple million dollar payday for one lucky collector.

  4. William Shakespeare’s Autograph

    We are all familiar with the work of Shakespeare. His literary catalogue has been translated into hundreds of languages and has been discussed in classrooms across the globe for centuries. And so it’s no surprise that his autograph is so valuable. But you might be surprised to learn just how much you’ll earn if you ever discover an item bearing his signature. While only three authenticated signatures have been found, each linked to the deed on his house, experts believe that if a further authenticated signature came available at auction, its value would reach upwards of $33.5million.

By following the latest trends and learning more about the most valuable collectibles in the world, you can make sure you’re first in line when a unique and rare item comes available. To learn more, call us today!

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