13 Apr 2011

Toronto auction house sells plane for $45,000

While many Toronto storage units have plenty of room and extra high ceilings that enable people to storage heavy and large equipment, many of them may not have been able to hold what was recently bought at a local auction.

According to the Toronto Sun, a Calgary man bought a former Canadian air force Snowbirds show plane for approximately $45,000 this past weekend.

Terry Lobzun, spokesman for the organization that held the auction, told the paper that while he knows it’s going to Calgary, he’s not sure exactly where.

“It could be going to a museum, a flying club or private collection,” Lobzun said. “I’d love to see it restored and flying again.”

According to the Sun, the Snowbird, which was retired from flight in the 1990s, usually goes for as much as $60,000, so the man who bought it got a good deal.

Thought it’s not used anymore, the Sun reports that the Snowbird, a Canadair CCT-114 Tutor, at one time was used for pilots in training. Transport Canada has detailed information for what pilots operating private aircraft need to know when flying in Canadian airspace.

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