7 Apr 2011

Princess Diana’s dresses to come to Toronto

As watching any episode of “Storage Wars” will attest, people use their storage unit for any number of things. For most, storage units are a mixed bag of furniture, documents and clothing; for others, they’re used exclusively as a protection zone for important valuables and collectibles.

With the latter group in mind, Toronto residents have a unique opportunity in June, as some of the most famous gowns and dresses worn by Princess Diana will be put on the auction block.

One of Canada’s oldest auction houses that will be hosting the event, Waddington’s, said 14 dresses will be up for grabs, including the one worn by the late Princess of Wales when she danced with actor John Travolta in 1997.

As one might suspect, the dresses won’t be cheap. Waddington’s says the starting prices for the dresses will be between $175,000 and $300,000.

The gowns come to town June 23.

While the royal family is never out of the headlines, the coverage has been ubiquitous over the last few weeks as Princess Diana’s son, William, will be marrying his longtime girlfriend, Kate Middleton, on April 29.

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