Seven Benefits of a Drive-Up Storage
23 Oct 2019

Seven Benefits of a Drive-Up Storage

If you are renting a self-storage unit, it can be overwhelming deciding which type of space is right for you. One of the often-overlooked options is the drive-up storage unit. These units are far more efficient when you have to load and unload a lot of items, or heavier pieces like furniture or appliances. When you are narrowing down your options, it helps to understand what drive-up storage offers. Here are seven benefits of a drive-up storage unit.

1. Less waiting time

Storage places can become quite busy on the weekends when most people are moving their belongings in or out. This could mean more waiting time for elevators. In some cases, you might even have to schedule a time to use the elevators. With a drive-up unit, you can move at your convenience, no waiting required.

2. Privacy

Although this might seem like an odd benefit, some people might have valuable items they would prefer others not to see when moving them into storage. When you use a drive-up unit, you have more privacy as you back right up to the door, so it is harder to see what you are storing.

3. Protection from the elements

Nothing is worse than having inclement weather on moving day! Although you won’t have complete coverage, a drive-up storage unit certainly reduces how much exposure your items will have to rain and snow during the move. Because the door is right there, you can quickly get everything into the storage space with minimal dampness on you and your belongings!

4. Reduced risk for damage

Moving items from your vehicle into the storage unit puts them at risk for damage. The further you have to carry the items, and the more ins and outs you have to maneuver, the more chance there is for damage. You can carry your items directly into your storage space without having to navigate treacherous corners or worry about the elevator door closing on you. It is a straight path requiring a few steps, so you and your belongings are less likely to get injured!

5. Less lugging

Because of the shorter distance, you won’t have to worry about lugging heavier items that can be difficult to carry. You can manage large pieces of furniture and appliances without the worry of dropping them or injuring your back!

6. Do it yourself move

With such easy access to your unit, this really becomes a DIY move. There is no need to pay professional movers to assist with even the heavy items because you’ll be right at the unit. This can save a lot of money and it just takes one good, strong friend to get everything into the unit. You can thank them with free pizza and beer with the money you saved!

7. Less stress

With all of the benefits, you’ll also find your move less stressful. Your move will be quick, your belongings will be safer, and your back will also thank you!

As you can see, the drive-up storage unit offers many benefits, including a stress-free move without the need for professional movers. If you would like information about Jiffy Self-Storage’s drive-up storage units, then contact us here.

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