18 May 2011

Study says messiness details an individual’s personality

Typically, when one’s desk or office space is constantly piled with paperwork, the user just considers themselves a less-than-tidy person. But a new study indicates it may reveal much more about someone’s personality.

According to TechNewsDaily, Hunch.com – an internet company that provides its users with an array of website recommendations – conducted a poll of 700,000 of its members and found people with messy desks tended to be educated, career-minded and skilled at math.

In an interview with the source, Amanda Green, lead author of the report, said people tend to mess their desks for one of two reasons.

“Someone may be messy because they use the computer for various endeavors, which could explain why CEOs are more likely to have messy desktops,” said Green. “On the other side of the spectrum, some people are messy because they don’t know how to get organized.”

An easy answer to that problem is renting out a storage unit, as important documents can be put there for safe keeping.

These findings may be interesting, but they aren’t scientific. They also fly in the face of other surveys suggesting that tidiness increases productivity.

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