29 Mar 2013

Parking tickets canceled more often in Toronto

New reports surfaced that suggest about one-quarter of parking tickets issued in Toronto never make it to court. According to the Toronto Star, the number of canceled parking tickets has increased about 5.5 percent within the past year. Some experts believe it might be due to the fact that the city council decided to increase the time limit on the grace period for motorists who overstay their time at pay-and-display meters. 

Individuals who rack up a lot of tickets each year might want to hold onto them. In this case, it would be best to purchase a Toronto document storage unit to keep track of the tickets. 

The source reported that Ontario authorities are cracking down on individuals who fail to pay their parking tickets in time. Transportation Minister Glen Murray said he is pushing for legislation that would deny individuals the right to renew their license plate until they pay their fines.

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