30 Sep 2011

Paperwork filing a setback for businesses

Small business owners are always looking for ways to maximize success and efficiency to keep their company's bottom-line operating in the black. Yet despite a variety of tools aimed to help keep entrepreneurs organized, more than half say they find document management an impediment to their company's function.

In a survey conducted by a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based software provider, 40 percent of small business owners spend between eight to 12 hours per month filing business documents. Thirty-three percent said it takes up to four weeks.

Kevin Garton, chief marketing officer for the company that sponsored the study, said paper filing is a part of life entrepreneurs can't escape.

"Managing paper is a reality of doing business," said Garton. "It's not enough for owners to make sure documents are properly filed. "Rather, they must create better ways to handle paper, so precious time is not stolen from core business functions."

If business owners find organization a challenge, the problem may lie with their method. The experts at Jiffy Self Storage can provide entrepreneurs with the organizational tips they need to succeed in their personal and professional lives. 

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