10 Aug 2011

Atlantic Canadians most assured of college education’s importance

While most Canadians think obtaining a college education is crucial to future success, individuals living in the eastern portion of the country are particularly resolute in this belief.

According to a new survey conducted by TD Canada Trust, Atlantic Canadians are the most convinced a post-secondary degree helps people land a job when they enter the employment hunting market.

Despite this belief, many of these same people admit to worrying about the cost of student loans, as 71 percent report feeling either anxious or stressed about paying off what they owe in tuition bills.

“We know that managing finances on your own can be stressful or even intimidating,” said Michelle Snow, group manager for the banking organization. “Financial literacy is a life skill and critical to your future so make sure you educate yourself or reach out to someone who can help.”

One way to make sure expenses are paid is effective organization. Cheap document storage can help students sort out the various statements they receive so they can know what’s been paid off and when.

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