26 Jul 2011

American Bar Association to hold annual conference in Toronto

Some of the world’s best legal minds will soon be coming to Toronto, as the American Bar Association recently announced it will hold its annual meeting in the GTA.

According to the ABA, approximately 8,000 legal professionals from 100 different firms will be in attendance, as the 134th gathering will be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Center in August.

The ABA is the U.S. equivalent of the Canadian Bar Association, as it provides accreditation to students who’ve graduated from law school and provides news and information about the legal system as a whole.

“Our location in the beautiful and vibrant city of Toronto honors the ABA’s longstanding special ties to the [CBA], said Stephen Zack, president of the ABA. “This meeting offers a unique opportunity to discuss and even further strengthen the relationship between the American and Canadian legal professions, and to address issues that matter deeply to us both.”

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