6 Tips to Help You Organize Paperwork
1 Feb 2021

6 Tips to Help You Organize Paperwork

With 2021 blazing ahead and the holidays over, it’s time to get started on your to-do list before it ends up a thing of the past. One activity that may be a priority is organizing all the paperwork of years past and finally putting your important documents and archives into storage. Perhaps your home office is piled up with papers and forms that you don’t actually need currently, or you have a mailbox that’s filled to the brim with unopened letters. Whatever the case, it’s time to finally take care of those things that you’ve left for so long. Read on to find out some useful tips for organizing your paperwork in an efficient manner regardless of how hopeless you think your case may be.

1. Get it done the first time around

You may often find yourself putting off tasks and believing you’ll be in a better frame of mind to tackle something later. This is especially true when it comes to organizing paperwork, sorting through mail, and the like. This can create an unhealthy cycle of procrastination and cause your documents to pile up to unmanageable heights. Before it reaches this extreme, try implementing a rule that you must act on any paperwork that comes your way. This may sound like a lot, but it’s easier than dealing with heaps of random documents in the long run. Whenever a file, envelope, or document arrives, handle it promptly by auctioning it, recycling it, or passing it along to the appropriate channel. Whatever you do, don’t let it linger! You’ll feel much better when everything is taken care of and in order.

2. Use a colour coding system

Another method of organizing your paperwork in a visually aesthetic way is by sorting with colours. You can create a simple yet effective system so that you never lose important documents again. Use coloured file folders or dividers to create a colour code for each category of paperwork. Categories can include work files, personal documents, bills, receipts, and more. Make it personal and keep it simple so that you’ll be more compelled to use it. To make things easier, label your categories if you can’t remember by colour alone. The simpler your process is, the easier it will be to maintain. If it becomes too complicated, then you may not feel like doing the work later on.

3. Go paperless

Want an eco-friendly way to keep your home office organized? Go paperless and keep copies of your important paperwork digitally. Many stores now have the option to email your receipts, and online billing for credit cards and cell phones are common. You can scan physical documents to your digital files and then organize them however you like on your computer. Just make sure to back up important documents and keep your computer and devices secure from hackers and dangerous viruses. You’ll save more than just trees this way; you’ll save your office from unnecessary clutter!

4. Keep confidential information safe

It can’t be stressed enough that when organizing your documents and important paperwork, you have to keep all confidential information safe. Your address, social security number, and personal data can be very dangerous in the wrong hands. If a thief or hacker gets this information, they can easily fraud you out of your money, impersonate you, blackmail you, or potentially ruin your reputation. Keep your digital files and devices secured and password-protected with two-step verification. Place your physical files in a location away from prying eyes and strangers. You may even consider renting an offsite self-storage unit to professionally keep your documents and archives. This ensures that they stay safe under lock and key in a location that only you have access to. It will also help maintain the integrity of your documents so that they don’t succumb to the elements over time and become illegible. Ensure your chosen storage unit is climate controlled so that your documents stay in pristine condition and don’t deteriorate.

5. Shred and recycle

In another effort to be eco-conscious, remember to properly dispose of any paperwork that you don’t need anymore. You may need to invest in a shredder to get rid of any confidential forms with your name, address, and personal information. Remember to recycle the shreds once you are done.

6. Maintain the order

Maintenance is the key to ensuring that your work stays light and doesn’t pile up over time. Maintain your organizational system by sticking to the rules you’ve put in place whenever paperwork ends up on your desk. Don’t get lazy and start tossing things where they don’t belong. Stick to your plan; keep documents tucked away in folders (whether paper or digital), and act promptly to keep a clutter-free environment.

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