6 Jun 2017

How To Dewinterize Your Boat

As much fun as owning a boat is, there are some upkeep and storage requirements that many boat owners wish they could simply do away with. Every time you put your boat away, or take it out for the summer, there is a list of things you have to do to make sure that you are not damaging the boat, and that it is safe to drive. If it’s that time of year again for you and the boat is coming out of your winter storage, below are some things to keep in mind when dewinterizing your boat.

Dewinterizing The Boat

Check the Oil

It is always a good idea to change the oil before you put a vehicle into storage, but if you didn’t do that, you must check it once you bring it out. You are most likely going to need to change it, as well as the oil filter, so that it is operating as efficiently as possible on the water this summer. It is also wise to check the oil in the outdrive.

Inspect the Battery

When you put your boat into your winter storage unit at the end of the season, you should always remember to take the battery out before shutting it away for the winter. When the boat is ready to come back out, you are going to want to reattach the cables to the battery, ensure there is no corrosion on the terminals, add water to your battery (if it takes water), and use a battery tester to ensure it works.

The Fuel System

Before you tucked your boat away in winter storage last year, you should have made sure that the gas tank was topped up, to ensure that no moisture built up over the winter months and diluted the gas that was in the tank. When dewinterizing, you should change the fuel filter and ensure the fuel line is attached and free of cracks. The winter can really damage hoses.

Check the Distributor

It’s always a good idea to take the distributor cap off and clean it out before putting the boat back on the water. The winter is hard on boats, and the cap could have experienced some corrosion over the winter months. Once you’ve checked the distributor cap, make sure to restore all of the connections.

Getting your boat back on the water for the summer is exciting, but doing so without properly dewinterizing it can end up in disaster. Keep the above dewinterizing tips in mind and feel safe and secure on the water this summer.

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