7 Jul 2017

The Best Decor Tips For A Minimalist Home

In this day and age, we accumulate a significant amount of items. However, leading a truly happy, fulfilling life is about getting rid of the stuff that doesn’t add value, and maximizing the things that do.

This concept of minimalism is often used in home decor. If you are trying to create that flawless, minimalist look in your home, below are the best decor tips and advice you can follow.

Decorating A Minimalist Home

Quality over quantity

Just because you have fewer things in your home doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on style or quality. In fact, you should be incorporating items that are high quality. One of the best things about interior decorating for a minimalist home is that you can spend more time finding unique pieces with a lot of character and personality, not just things straight out of a catalogue or off of a generic showroom floor.

Minimalist homes are detail oriented

In order to have a home that meets all of your requirements, you have to make smart choices, and those choices are all the more important when you don’t have a lot of other “stuff” to compensate with. These touches can be things as small as gold-leafing on the rim of a picture frame, or a hand-embroidered throw pillow on your couch. Getting more out of less is the name of the game with minimalist decorating, not simply less for the sake of less.

Light is important

One of the major considerations in any minimalist home is how you exploit and play with light, both natural and your fixtures. You want the natural light to highlight the features of your rooms (which are now less cluttered) and you want your light fixtures to not only illuminate the room, but to be thoughtful and unique in and of themselves. One high-quality, interesting fixture can set the tone of an entire room in a minimalist home, so choose something with character.

Utilize neutral and calming colours, as well as earth tones

The best way to create a room that feels bigger than it might otherwise be is to go with earthy, neutral tones that create relaxation and comfort. That is not to say that a minimalist room that is big on wild colours is going to look out of place, but there is a better chance of a room that is not filled with a lot of decorating having a big impact if the mood of the room is one of a more natural looking space.

Creating a minimalist home might require you to remove any unnecessary items. Using self-storage, you can still keep these items for future use.

The minimalist look is only going to become more popular in the years to come and decorating for minimalist homes will continue to evolve. If you are trying to get a head start on that trend – or if you are thinking about redoing your current home, even if it’s just one room in your home – as a homage to minimalism, keep the above minimalist interior decorating tips in mind.

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