Tips for Decluttering Your Self Storage Unit This Summer
19 Jun 2019

Tips for Decluttering Your Self Storage Unit This Summer

It’s the time of the year when you’re beginning to take out items that you’ve had in storage during the winter time. Summer clothes and classic cars are taken out of their units ready for use during the warmer months. But before you can begin choosing which items to keep in storage and which items to take out, it’s time to declutter. In this new post, we’ll explore our tips for decluttering your storage unit ready for the summer season.

Start by Building a Path

The first step within the process is to build a path through the storage unit so that you can reach each of the areas in the room. Ensure that there are no objects hanging over the path and that your passage through the unit is free of obstructions. Before you make the path, you might consider asking a friend or two to help you with the process. Make sure you’re not lifting items that are too heavy or that you’re moving too many items to safely complete the process alone.

Make an Inventory

When reviewing your storage unit, make an inventory of each of the items that you’ve stored. This process involves walking through each part of the unit and writing down each item you see. It’s important to take on this process now, because in a few months’ time when you return to the unit you might not remember which items you’ve stored, and you may end up looking for an item that could easily be found within the unit.

Make sure that you bring a laptop or smartphone with you during this process so that you can easily inventory all of the items and share the information with others who will have access to the area.

Place Heavier Items at the Front

One of the leading challenges for many storage unit owners and renters is that they cannot move heavier items because the item is placed at the back of the unit. To make the sorting and moving process easier, ensure that heavier items are placed at the front of the unit.

Identify Items that Are Most Important

When placing items in storage, you often simply move the product from the home to the unit without considering how it might be used in future. But you should place a value on each of the items within your storage system and decide how often you use this item. This will help ensure that important items are stored in a way that allows for simple and easy access in future.

For example, if you’re planning on visiting the cottage in the coming months but you don’t have additional room in your home, store your canoe and paddles in the unit. This will ensure you can quickly access them when you need them, and that they have a convenient location for when they are to be returned to the unit.

Check the Condition of Items

When reviewing your items in storage, make sure you spend the time checking the condition of each item and their containers. During the winter, items such as clothing boxes and wood furniture can be damaged by changes in temperature and water and so it’s important that you’re proactive in maintaining each of the pieces in the unit.

Common Mistakes Organizing Storage Units

Now you have a better understanding of the process for organizing your stored belongings, it’s important that you learn a little more about the mistakes others have made. Let’s review the most common storage organization mistakes.

1. Not leaving enough time

One of the most common mistakes that storage clients make when trying to organize their units is simply not leaving enough time to complete all of the organizational steps. If you leave everything to the last minute, you’ll find you don’t have enough time to carefully go through your belongings and complete the inventory process. Set a specific amount of time to review your unit, and then make sure you go through the process carefully.

2. Not checking with the self-storage company

Another common issue that self-storage clients face is that they don’t check with the self-storage company before visiting the unit. Often the company doesn’t have a member of staff on site to open the unit, or they don’t have the required assistance at specific periods in the day. Consult with your unit provider directly before you begin to organize the unit, and make sure you have access to the area and to various tools for sorting through your belongings.

3. Keeping clothing in plastic bags

When it comes time to pack away your winter clothes for the summer season, ensure that you understand how to sort and store these highly important items. For example, many make the mistake of placing winter coats and sweaters in plastic bags, where the clothing can be damaged by moisture. Take the time to identify the best clothing storage boxes for your unit, and use boxes with a strong seal and moisture protection.

4. Not checking for humidity control

The summer season can bring with it a significant rise in humidity across the local region. Ensure that your items are protected by checking for climate and humidity control with your unit provider. Ask them to show you the ways to control the environment in your unit when you visit the facility. They should have individual environmental-control systems for each unit, ensuring that you can set the temperature and the humidity levels for your stored items.

5. Not discussing warranties

When you visit your unit to review your sorting options, find out more about your unit warranty and what the warranty covers. Ask the company for more information about the coverage levels and discuss how best to protect each item in the unit. You should be able to access a paper copy of your warranty, if you signed a warranty when renting the unit.

For more tips and information on decluttering your storage unit this summer, call Jiffy Self Storage at or 416-745-4339 contact us here.

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