22 Feb 2012

The time to de-clutter your home is now

As the new year is in full swing, some homeowners may be taking the time to try and de-clutter their houses in order to have an easier spring cleaning. Many are opting to eliminate the problem areas in their home by either tossing useless junk or using self storage units to be able to take a real look around at what is needed and what needs to go.

According to the Mail Tribune, there are certain steps owners can take in order to achieve their de-cluttering goals with ease. First, the publication suggests people make a 30-day calendar of goals. This way, each day has just one task, so people will be less likely to get overwhelmed.

Next, people should try to go through all their mail, receipts and other paper messes and figure out what must be saved and what can be fed to the shredder. Owners should then take a look around at each room and ask themselves what they really need. Is it necessary to have four lamps in the dining room? Do they need 14 flower vases? And so on.

Once a pile of unnecessary or rarely used items is created, owners might consider looking into affordable self storage in Toronto or anywhere else as a place to store these pieces until they are needed. This can create a fresh start and might help to open up more space.

Those considering selling their home will also need to do a lot of legwork in order to make their houses appealing to all buyers. Sellers need to remove all personal touches in order to remove the "lived in" feel, according to Moneyville. 

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