4 May 2012

Home staging can make a house or apartment more valuable

Homeowners looking to sell frequently turn to an open house in order to let a large number of people see their home quickly and efficiently. However, it's important that those holding an open house or showing their home to potential buyers make it look its best. This is where home staging comes into play.

Two Canadian interior designers recently gave YourHome.ca some tips for home staging. The basic idea behind this concept is to put effort into making a home look nice, thus driving up the sales price. Ideally, home staging should be done as affordable as possible, as the idea is all about maximizing profit on the home.

Much of the advice is centered around de-cluttering the house, and this is where affordable self storage in Toronto and other Canadian cities can be beneficial. Cleaning out closets and leaving a minimum amount of furniture makes the house look more open and spacious, which will in turn drive up the price. In these cases, renting at a self storage facility essentially pays for itself.

Other tips include matching shower curtains and rugs for the bathroom, ensuring all doors open properly, mopping the floor in the kitchen and removing all traces of cigarettes and other odors.

Self storage can be a smart way to hang on to valuable items without taking up room in a house or apartment. For Toronto storage solutions, there's no better than Jiffy Self Storage. Those interested in self storage should check out the affordable rates on Jiffy's website, where they can also enter to win a free iPad 3.

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