Eliminating Clutter This Holiday Season
26 Dec 2017

Holiday Cleaning: Tips To Eliminate Clutter In Your Home This Season

Most people do a big clean up during the holiday season in preparation for hosting friends and family. The holidays can make spaces feel tight and your home feel cluttered because of all the extra stuff everywhere—bulky clothes, decorations, gifts, food, people, etc. If you want to avoid feeling like the walls are closing in around you this holiday season, below are some tips to help you eliminate clutter.

A Self Storage Unit

It can quickly become overwhelming if you try to keep all of your winter gear and all of your summer gear together in your home. Seasonal clothing should make its appearance seasonally, and be safely tucked out of sight and out of mind for the rest of the year. If your hallway closet is filled with summer stuff at the moment, look into a self storage unit where you can keep it during the winter, so that you will have room for all the winter stuff.

Do a Once-Over of Your Home

There are clearly things in and around your home that are specifically for the warmer months. Because you are probably not going to be using them much, if at all, over the winter, they only create clutter. That margarita mixer on the counter in the kitchen, for instance, is a prime candidate for a self storage unit.

On the Patio

Putting up decorations outside, especially if you have young children, can be immensely rewarding. But if you already have a set of patio furniture out there, the big decorations, plus the lights, plus the furniture, can quickly add up to a cluttered mess. Think about storing the patio furniture in a self storage unit over the winter, so your winter wonderland doesn’t look like an overcrowded yard sale.

Straighten up

Decluttering often means simply straightening things up around the home. Putting books and magazines in their rightful places, making sure there are no cushions on the floors, cleaning throw rugs, etc. These little tasks may seem insignificant, but they really make a difference in the way your home looks and feels.

Getting your home ready for the holidays is definitely a task, but with things like self storage units and simple organizing tips, you can get your home decluttered, warm, and cozy for your friends and family.

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