Enjoying minimalist living with self-storage
10 Mar 2020

Enjoy Minimalist Living With Self-Storage

With television programs like “Tiny House Nation” and “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” taking over the media, it’s no surprise that minimalist living is becoming such a popular concept. Fortunately, no matter how much clutter you have in your home, self-storage in Toronto can help you begin a minimalist lifestyle of your own.

At Jiffy Self-Storage, we’ve been in the decluttering and storage industry for a long time. So, we’ve seen our share of families looking to downsize their homes. Throughout this blog, we’re going to touch more about minimalism, what it means, how you can do it, and how self-storage can help.

What is a minimalist lifestyle?

As the name suggests, the minimalist lifestyle is all about living with minimal belongings, minimal clutter, and minimal mess. The best thing about this lifestyle is that it’s not new. Aside from the times in human existence when minimalism was necessary, like times of war or the great depression, the modern minimalist movement dates to the 1990s when Janet Luhr’s published a book called “The Simple Living Guide.”

As you might expect, the guide tells readers how to get rid of things you don’t need, declutter, and live life with only the essentials. This lifestyle not only helps you see what’s truly important in your life, but it reduces dirt, dust, and allergens lurking in your home as well.

Self-Storage for Your Minimalist Project

It’s tough to part with all the things we think we need. As humans, we have a way of developing feelings and creating emotional responses to certain items. This is especially true for items that have been passed down through families, or belongings which hold specific memories. There are also some belongings which you don’t need now but might need later.

The minimalist movement usually dictates what belongings you aren’t using to be given away or tossed out. While this is great in theory, it doesn’t always work in practice. Fortunately, self-storage provides ample opportunity to tidily hide away the items you aren’t using frequently without missing them entirely.

If you’re interested in living a minimalist lifestyle but find the process daunting, or aren’t sure how to get started, here are some tips:

Stop the Spending Sprees

One of the fastest ways to accumulate a lot of belongings is by consistently buying new things to fill your home. This includes furniture, décor, and even clothing. The more you buy, the less space you have to store it.

Consider each purchase before you make it and ask yourself where it will live in your home. Every item you own should have space where it belongs. If something doesn’t have a home and you don’t care about that item enough to create a specific place for it, then it’s probably not worth keeping or buying in the first place.

Start with Storage Spaces in Your Home

Many people begin their minimalist journey by decluttering the things they can see. This is a mistake because most of the things you don’t use are in your storage spaces. These are the items you can probably part with easiest.

A great rule to follow when decluttering is that anything you haven’t used in a year — aside from sentimental objects — probably doesn’t need to live in your home anymore.

Open your linen closet, bedroom closets, storage closets, cupboards, basement, attic, and anywhere else you keep boxes, bits, and pieces. Sort through your belongings one at a time and determine which you can’t part with and which you didn’t even realize were crammed back there.

Something fantastic happens when you clean out storage compartments first. Suddenly you have more storage! This is great because it helps you as you move forward to put away the items you don’t need on full display in your home but aren’t quite ready to part with.

Take One Step at a Time

Making a schedule is an excellent way to motivate yourself to get going with your minimizing project. Just be sure you’re setting realistic goals that you can successfully achieve in the time you create for yourself.

For example, choose to start with one kitchen drawer before working your way through all of them. One drawer a day sounds like nothing, but at the end of the week, you’ll be finished all your drawers and potentially half your cupboard space too.

These small goals also leave plenty of room for growth because you can always expand on a goal and say, “Okay, well I finished that one, might as well do the next one too!” There’s nothing as motivating as completing a goal, no matter how small.

Put it into Storage

Finally, don’t discount storing the items you can’t possibly leave behind. True, you want to declutter your life and minimalism is all about living with less. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still own the things that matter to you.

Self-storage is a perfect solution to the minimalist crisis. Many self-storage facilities have multiple container sizes to choose from. This makes it easy for you to store everything from Grandma’s antique bedroom set to the garden equipment taking up space in the basement.

Some of the things you should consider storing include:

  • Anything you want to use in the future but don’t use now
  • Objects with sentimental value that are getting in the way
  • Boxes of clothing for seasonal wear that aren’t needed until next year
  • Tools and equipment taking up space in the shed or basement
  • Bicycles and other active equipment not being used until the snow melts

To learn more about how self-storage can help you enjoy a minimalist lifestyle, call Jiffy Self-Storage at 1-416-745-4339 or contact us here.

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