How to declutter your home for the safety of your children?
18 Oct 2021

Declutter Your Home for Your Children’s Safety

Children are known for being extremely adventurous, carefree, and curious. Left unattended, they often get into mishaps and scenarios that are not easily explainable. In order to keep our homes safe for our children, we must be mindful of the items that we keep and where we keep them. We must also manage the amount of clutter in the home. The more cluttered and chaotic a home is, the more chances and opportunities for a child to encounter potentially dangerous items.

It’s unfortunate that many children around the world are exposed to chemicals and other dangerous items on a daily basis (sometimes even without the parents being aware). While this is something that can be potentially tragic, it is also largely avoidable as long as you maintain a clean and safe home and keep a watchful eye on your wandering kids. Below are some great tips to ensure your children’s safety in the home so that you don’t have to worry too much about your kids’ growing curiosity.

Clean Out Kids’ Rooms

While it can be nearly impossible to keep an eye on your kids’ room at all times, it’s a good idea to maintain the space with daily clean-ups and decluttering. You may notice that your kids have outgrown some of their toys or no longer wish to play with some things. In this case, you can keep these unwanted toys in a personal storage unit until you decide what to do with them or who you can give them away to. It’s not a good idea to have too many toys lying around all the time, as your children can easily slip, fall, or hurt themselves if the area is too cluttered.

Keep Antiques and Heirlooms

Do you have antique jewellery, handbags, personal items, or heirlooms that you plan on handing down to your children in the future? Why not keep these items safe and secure in an offsite storage unit in the meantime? If you decide to do this, make sure the unit you choose is climate-controlled so that fragile or delicate items won’t easily deteriorate over time. Your kids will be thankful that you did so in the future.

Store Medications and Cleaning Supplies

There are certain household drugs and chemicals that your children should never be exposed to or in close contact with. These items, such as household cleaners, wipes, and medications, should be kept enclosed in a cabinet or drawer that your kids won’t have access to. The higher up that you keep these items, the better. If you can’t find a place in your home that is secure enough, consider storing them offsite in a personal storage unit where you can access them when you need to, but keep far away from prying hands.

Store Excess Electronics

Cords and wires from electronics can pose a risk and choking hazard to small children. Make sure that the wires from kitchen appliances, TVs, and electronics are neatly arranged so that your kids can’t get caught up in them or try to play with them. It’s also a good idea to store excess electronics in a storage container or area where your kids can’t access. Only keep the necessities on hand for a clutter-free look and a safe, cord-free home.

Keep the Car Clean

A dirty car with excess items lying around is hazardous for children, as any junk in our cars could potentially cause an accident. It may seem like a stretch, but it has happened before. Parents can become distracted while driving because of clutter in their car, or kids can pick up something they’re not supposed to while you are driving. Either way, it’s best to avoid the unthinkable by keeping a clean, neat car with as little junk as possible.

Backyard Debris

A backyard is a kid’s main domain. They love to have all the space to run around and play. However, if your backyard is cluttered with supplies, debris, outdoor equipment, toys, and tools, this will surely be a problem for kids looking to play. Organize your backyard, discard debris and fallen branches, and store your equipment and tools far away from children in your garage or an offsite storage unit.

Garage and Tools

Lastly, kids can mistakenly encounter dangerous tools in your garage if they end up in there unattended. Keep all your tools secured on a pegboard or in a toolbox somewhere high up where your children will not be able to access them. It’s better safe than sorry when it comes to these types of items.

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