6 Ways to Get Your Kids Involved in Decluttering Your Home
19 Apr 2021

6 Ways to Get Your Kids Involved in Decluttering Your Home

Teaching children how to do chores and incorporating it into their everyday lives is an important part of parenting. Whether it’s doing laundry, picking up after their toys, or cleaning the dishes, children need to understand what goes into keeping a home tidy and uncluttered. If you’re lacking in ways to get your kids up and excited about doing chores, you wouldn’t be the first parent stuck in this dilemma. Continue reading to see how you can get them involved in fun and creative ways. After all, any attempt to get children to participate in the household duties is worth a try.

1. Make it Play

Everybody loves a good challenge and your kids sure will too. Make chore time into a game and watch the expressions on your children’s faces turn from dread to excitement. Try having things arranged by colour coordination, shape, size, or fragility.

If you really want to get your kids riled up, get out a stopwatch and make it a game to tidy as much as they can within a short period of time (for example, around 5 minutes). This is a great way to have them quickly clean up their individual bedrooms at the end of the day or even give their playroom a brief clean up before bedtime. Whatever you decide, make sure it is something engaging and that you know will get their little feet going.

2. Cater to Their Personalities

No one knows your children better than you do. This is why you would be in the best position to really cater to their strengths and find ways to clean that would interest and entice them. Every child is unique, and what interests one may not work for another. For example, maybe you have a child that is really into mysteries, detective series, and Sherlock Holmes. Instead of just telling them which chores to do, make it interesting by giving them a riddle. Have them solve the riddle by doing the chore it pertains to and, voila, you’ve got an interested kid, eager and ready to solve the mystery.

3. Set Goals and Targets

Kids love having a tangible goal to look forward to and, often, can get very competitive with each other. While you wouldn’t want to create arguments or tension between young siblings, a healthy competition might be just the fun they need to get motivated. Keep a scoreboard of who completes the most chores and declare a winner (with a prize of course). You can even call it the cleaning Olympics!

This is also a great way to reward those who participate regularly and take on chores without being asked. If you have a specific goal in mind (folding the laundry, for example), make your kids aware of it so they feel more compelled to participate. Let them know and understand the value of keeping a clean home and explain the benefits. They are much more likely to want to do something when they know it would have a positive and immediate impact on their mood or the general mood at home.

4. Play Some Music

What fun is cleaning without a little music to liven up the mood? Instead of calling it cleaning, why not just call it a dance party? Play your kids’ favourite tunes or put on a musical show that will make them want to get up and go. Once they get accustomed to it, they’ll start to view cleaning time as fun time and a chance to really bust a move or two while getting things done.

5. Show Them How it’s Done

Parents are often role models to children, and chances are that if your children see you doing something, they’ll want to do it too. Give them tips and tricks on how to keep things tidy and how to complete their chores in an efficient manner. It may not seem like much, but these tips can help them well into adulthood and set them up for success in running their own household (or college dorm) in the future.

6. Dish Out Treats

Last but certainly not least, if all else fails, there’s a good chance that some delicious snacks will definitely make your kids more likely to take on some chores. Remember to reward a job well done to help make your little ones feel appreciated. It could be something as simple as a pizza night or a trip to their favourite candy store. Your kids are sure to look forward to cleaning time if there’s a light (or ice cream) at the end of the tunnel. At the very least, make sure you find some way to show them you are proud of the work they do and that their good deeds are not unnoticed.

Final Note

Ultimately, finding ways to get your kids involved in home cleaning is a great way to bond and share some family time together. Chores don’t have to be a drag; if you put in a little creativity, they can quickly become something that your kids look forward to every week. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but the more you teach them, the greater appreciation and sense of responsibility they’ll have in the future. Kids love to mirror their parents and feel like they’re being helpful and integral to the family structure.

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