6 Sep 2012

Louboutin red sole takes partial appeals victory

The shoe brand Christian Louboutin recently won an appeals court battle against the design house Yves Saint Laurent. The dispute was over the red soled high heels that have become synonymous with the Louboutin name.

A lower court decision was recently overturned by the U.S. Appeals Court in Manhattan, which decided that the red soles of Louboutin shoes are protected under trademark, but there is a catch. Shoes would only infringe on the ruling if they contained red soles with a different color on top, not if the entire shoe was red.

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“We hold that the lacquered red outsole, as applied to a shoe with an ‘upper’ of a different color, has ‘come to identify and distinguish' the Louboutin brand and is therefore a distinctive symbol that qualifies for trademark protection,” read a court statement, The Los Angeles Times reported.

Louboutin will now be able to prevent other designers from red sole designs with say a black shoe, but not red soles on a red shoe. In response, both companies are claiming victory in the case.

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