26 Aug 2011

The importance of storage during weather disasters

As much of the year 2011 has shown – in North America and many other continents as well – environmental disasters can occur anywhere and at anytime. Thus, it's important to know what items to keep in storage should there be an emergency.

To help, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has put together a list of things property owners may want to move to their storage unit so they don't cause serious damage when a storm approaches.

For instance, in windy conditions that can result from tornadoes and hurricanes, the source says homeowners should be sure to bring all outdoor furniture, decorations and lawn equipment into a safely sheltered area, as they may become projectiles.

In addition to moving things to a storage unit, homeowners may also want to keep items in them that can be used before a storm hits. For example, FEMA says trees and shrubs that are well manicured are more resistant to wind. Thus, keeping extra lawn utensils, such as shears, in a storage unit can help increase safety.

For more tips on good safety items to keep in storage, ask a Jiffy Self Storage professional.

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