Reasons to Choose Climate Controlled Storage
3 Jun 2019

Reasons to Choose Climate Controlled Storage

When you decide to rent a storage unit, there are a number of options you can select to keep your belongings safe. Many are now choosing climate controlled units that maintain the optimal environment throughout the year. If you’re looking into storage options and want to know more about the value that climate control can bring to the storage process, we can help guide you. In this new post, we’re presenting the reasons to consider a climate controlled storage unit.

When is climate controlled storage needed?

While you can choose to rent a climate controlled storage unit for any items that you wish to store securely, there are some items for which a climate controlled environment is essential. For example, it’s essential that you store antiques in climate controlled storage because antiques can be damaged by the air and moisture in a storage facility. These elements can degrade wood and other materials used in older manufacturing techniques, and so climate control can protect your belongings.

You might also consider climate controlled units for the storage of furniture and other upholstery items. Fabrics and wood material can warp when they come into contact with moisture and so a humid unit might have a lasting negative impact on your stored items.

Protection From Extreme Temperature Changes

One of the many benefits of climate controlled facilities is they provide your belongings with protection against extreme temperature fluctuations. These temperature changes can occur quickly, and storing your belongings in a climate controlled space is the best way to protect against potential changes in the humidity levels and temperature levels.

This is often important, for example, when storing musical instruments. Instruments such as pianos can be damaged when the temperature rises or falls rapidly. You may find that the wood within the piano begins to crack as moisture impacts the instrument.

Ideal Air Quality

Most climate controlled storage facilities have exceptional air quality. A standard storage unit is not sealed effectively but climate-controlled units are sealed throughout. They also have effective circulation systems that move the clean air throughout the facility during the day. This means you don’t have to open the unit just to have clean air enter the area. It can also help prevent your belongings from gaining that musty smell that can arise when you leave an item within a dusty, air-locked unit for several months.

Air quality is critical for those considering storing their electronics within a storage unit. That’s because the quality of the air dictates the contaminants within the environment and prevents dust and other elements from entering small holes in electronic devices, which can then cause the device to break down. To protect your electronics and sensitive paper documents, choosing a climate-controlled facility is critical.

Protects Against Rodents

A leading consideration for storing your items within a private unit is total protection against rodents such as mice and rats. When you have access to belongings at home and can check on them regularly, you can ensure your items are protected from rodent intrusion but in storage units, you might not be able to visit the property regularly. This makes a climate-controlled facility is an ideal option.

Because of the sealing systems used within climate-controlled facilities, your belongings have exceptional protection against rodent intrusion. These facilities have several layers of insulation and sealant to prevent rodents from entering the room,

Humidity Protection Keeps Belongings Safe

Humidity protection is critical when securing items like clothes and belongings made from delicate materials. Fibres such as wool can easily be damaged when they encounter humidity within a room and so it’s important that you take care to protect the items by keeping them in a humidity-controlled environment, especially if you’re storing clothes for the winter.

How To Keep Your Items Protected While in Storage

Once you have chosen a climate controlled facility for your belongings, it’s important to consider many other ways in which you can protect the items for the months ahead. Let’s look at a few tips for protecting your stored belongings:

1. Check on your belongings once a month

If you have items in storage, it’s recommended that you check in on them at least once a month to ensure they’re in the optimal condition. While climate controlled facilities offer a high level of protection, you might find other issues can impact your belongings. Make sure that you visit the property as regularly as you can to ensure your the safety of your items.

2. Consider the warranty of your storage provider

When reviewing the options in your local area, take the time to look at the warranty of the storage services provider. Do they offer compensation if anything happens to your belongings? What is the level of security provided to you by the company and their insurance service? Make sure that you have all the information you need to feel comfortable storing your personal belongings with the company.

3. Make a storage removal plan

When placing your belongings in storage, make sure that you have a plan for how you wish for the items to be used in the future. Ensure that you know exactly when you’ll be removing your belongings from the storage facility so that you can help keep the items in the ideal condition. Whether you’re planning on taking them out of storage after a home move, or selling the items in the near future, making a plan will ensure you reduce your storage costs over the long-term.

To learn more about climate controlled storage unit, call Jiffy Self Storage at or 416-745-4339 contact us here.

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