25 Apr 2011

How Canada is treating the environment

Forty-one years ago on April 22, the world celebrated its very first Earth Day, an environmental holiday that was created in the hopes that people would become more aware of their surroundings and try to become better stewards of the earth.

With this in mind, CBC News has come to some conclusions about how Canadians have treated Mother Nature after collecting data on air quality, greenhouse gas emissions and electricity consumption from various organizations. Some of the findings are good, but others may have people wanting to store their cars in their storage unit more often.

For instance, the Canadian news service reports that greenhouse gas emissions have risen significantly over the past 20 years. According to figures released by the Pembina Institute, carbon dioxide levels have risen nearly 25 percent since 1990, which has impacted air quality.

On the positive side, though, Canadians are much more tidy than they used to be. According to numbers from Statistics Canada, CBC News reports residential waste dropped 35,000 tons between 2006 and 2008.

This rate may be decreasing even further if Torontonians take Kijiji Canada’s advice. Earlier this month, the website reported that Canadians lose hundreds of dollars every year by trashing things they could sell.  

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