20 May 2011

Forecasters predict a busy hurricane season

People may not want to hear it, but it looks as though hurricane season has the potential to be a very active one this year. As a result, Environment Canada’s Canadian Hurricane Centre is urging homeowners to prepare for the worst.

“Several international hurricane authorities are predicting that this year will be an active hurricane season in the North Atlantic Ocean,” said Chris Fogarty, program supervisor for the Canadian Hurricane Center. Fogarty went on to say that the country is usually hit with one to two hurricanes directly every year, with two or three more threatening but never making landfall. However, Fogarty said that hurricane totals are meaningless if homeowners don’t know how to prepare for one.

For information on how people can ready their property, Environment Canada asks that homeowners visit their website. The group also says people should stay apprised of hurricane predictions by staying tuned to their local outlets throughout the summer.

Hurricane season in Canada starts in June and can last through November. Several household and lawn items are vulnerable to storm damage, such as patio furniture. Residents of the GTA may want to consider putting these things in Toronto storage if hurricane season proves to be active.

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