10 Nov 2011

Cold temperatures send roadside service calls soaring

When the temperatures go down, roadside emergency calls go up – and significantly, a new survey indicates.

According to a study conducted by Canadian Tire, when temperatures dip to temperatures of 10 degrees Celsius or less, roadside assistance services' call volumes skyrocket 529 percent compared to days when temperatures aren't as cold.

When calls relating to specific car problems were taken into account, such as requiring a jump due to a dead battery, those volumes rose 1,400 percent, the survey confirmed.

Despite Canadians' knowledge that car problems frequently occur in winter, just 43 percent said they plan on installing winter tires on their vehicles.

In addition to having quality winter tires installed – ones that are stamped with the Rubber Association of Canada's certification, Carol Deacon, associate vice president for Canadian Tire, said motorists should have several things at the ready when they take to the road this winter. This includes a roadside safety kit, an ice scraper or snowbrush and windshield washer fluid.

While these items are good to have nearby during the winter months, GTA motorists should consider keeping them in storage when the weather gets warmer and occasionally adding to their cache of maintenance supplies throughout the year.

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