Ten things that need to be stored in a climate-controlled environment
4 Oct 2021

10 Items That Require Climate Controlled Storage

When choosing the right kind of storage unit for your belongings, you may not give much thought into the climate or temperature of the unit in question. In fact, many people don’t realize the importance of climate controlled storage for their items until it is too late. The consequences of not using climate controlled storage include damaged or deteriorated items, rust and tarnishing, as well as discolouration of your belongings and precious items. You can avoid this altogether by making the right decision from the start.

While it may be more costly to add climate control options to your storage unit, you will most likely be glad that you did in the long run, as your items will be in pristine condition for whenever you need them out of storage. If you are in the midst of packing your items or renting a storage unit, here are 10 items that should most definitely be stored in climate controlled units, so that you can prepare ahead and protect your valuables.

1. Furniture

Storing unused furniture in a storage unit is a very popular practice. It can be done for any length of time such as 3-6 months or, perhaps, for years and even decades. The longer you intend to store your furniture, however, the more you need to think about the ways in which you will be storing it. Without question, furniture that is made out of materials such as wood and leather should be stored in climate controlled storage units.

This is because these materials can be temperamental to temperature fluctuations and humidity, easily warping or becoming damaged when exposed. Genuine wood, in particular, can crack, bend, and rot in hot, humid conditions. Store these types of pieces in a cool, dry location such as climate controlled storage to protect the longevity of your items.

2. Artwork

Artwork in general (including paintings, sculptures, and fine art) is usually considered both fragile and delicate. Some of these types of pieces can be especially hard to replace and costly, which is even more reason to ensure their safety and protection in storage. Climate controlled storage is the only suitable storage for pieces of fine art. Don’t make the mistake of storing your artwork (or even your art supplies and materials) in storage without climate control. You will risk damaging expensive pieces and losing money as well as value.

3. Jewellery

Like art, jewellery can also be quite delicate and respond negatively to humid environments. This usually happens when your jewellery tarnishes or becomes discoloured over time in storage. In order to keep your jewellery from prematurely tarnishing or turning different colours, keep these items safe in climate controlled storage as well.

4. Antiques or Valuables

Anything that you consider important, sentimental, or of value should be stored in climate controlled storage. This includes heirlooms, antique pieces that may be old and fragile, as well as sentimental valuables. You want to maintain the integrity of your precious items, and the best way to do that is by using climate controlled storage, which will regulate the temperature at which these belongings are kept.

5. Documents and Archives

Have you ever retrieved an old receipt, document, or form from storage only to find it deteriorating at the edges, illegible, and yellowing? This is mainly because over time, any type of paper items will deteriorate with exposure to humidity and heat. Keep these items protected as well, by choosing not only climate controlled units, but units that are safe and secure so that no one is accessing your private and personal documents.

6. Certain Clothing Items

Certain clothing materials such as lace and leather will need special care, dry cleaning, and storage. Also, any type of vintage items will need to be kept in temperature controlled storage.

7. Photographs

Just like your documents and paper archives, photographs can become faded, torn, and discoloured over time if stored improperly. These items also do best in climate controlled storage units. Take the extra precautions of storing your photographs in a professional photo album. Keep in mind that photographs showcase some of your most important memories, and it would be especially heart-breaking to lose out on these memories due to improper storage practices.

8. Electronics

Electronics are another type of item that typically don’t do well in extreme temperatures or humid conditions. There’s a very good chance that these items will stop working altogether if left in self-storage that isn’t temperature controlled for too long.

9. Household Appliances

Like electronics, household appliances should also not be left in self-storage without temperature regulation. These items are often costly and expensive, so you won’t want to run the risk of having to replace them year after year!

10. Wine

Last but not least, wine collectors and enthusiasts should already know better than to store their wines in regular storage conditions without climate control. Wine can prematurely age, spoil, and degrade if left victim to fluctuating temperatures. Once again, climate controlled storage units are the answer to fine wine at any time.

Remember, you always want to make sure that the storage unit you choose for your belongings is safe and secure, climate controlled, and the right size for all of your stuff. Don’t risk it by choosing cheap, inadequate storage conditions that may turn out to be the cause of irreparable damage to your items. Play it safe with climate controlled storage, and you can rest easy knowing your valuables are in the right place.

For more information on climate controlled storage in Toronto and renting a storage unit, please call Jiffy Self-Storage at 416-74-JIFFY (54339) or contact us here. Our team of professionals are equipped with the knowledge to help you make a wise and practical decision about your storage needs. Contact us today for more information or to request a quote.

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