Run a business out of a self-storage unit
8 Dec 2021

Can You Run a Business Out of a Self-Storage Unit?

With the price of commercial real estate at an all-time high, it can be tempting to look into unconventional options for your office or retail space. One of these options you may have come across in your search is business self-storage. While this allows you to store business inventory, documents,…

Self-employed? How a storage unit can benefit you
28 Jan 2021

Do you own a business or brand? Are you self-employed and looking for some extra space for your business needs? If this sounds like you, then a storage unit can easily be the solution to…

Benefits of Using a Storage Unit as an Office
27 Dec 2019

Modern businesses are looking for new and unique ways to cut costs and maintain quality services for their customers. One of the areas many small businesses overspend on is office space. Office rentals in Toronto…

What Are Mobile Office Containers And Trailers
21 May 2018

When you are running a business,sometimes you can find yourself needing short-term (as opposed to permanent) office space. This can be due to renovations going on that temporarily reduce the space available for day to…

7 Sep 2013

New budget Office/Workspaces available. Everything you need to run your office/workspace at low monthly cost. Why pay more when you can get it for less? CALL 1-866-821-8364 for details. You can depend on Jiffy Workspaces: Rent a Jiffy Workspace for as short or long as necessary. Reserve the most economical workspace size. Our co-ordinated solution saves you money. Contact us now…before they’re all gone! CALL 1-866-821-8364 for details. Affordable monthly rent No long term leases. Perfect for seasonal work, or entrepreneur trying out new business. Internet access available. Air conditioning and heating. Immediate visitor parking. Additional storage on site. Shipping/receiving Area. Roll up garage doors and standard doors. Workspaces of varying sizes and layouts. All-day breakfast, hardware. movers, Jiffy Storage…

10 May 2013

Most professionals collect all sorts of papers and files no matter if they work from home or in an office. Since a large portion of the day is spent sitting at the desk, it is easy…

27 Mar 2013

A leading financial communications firm from California has opened a new office in Toronto.Liolios Group Inc., headquartered in Newport Beach, California, looks to build on its global presence and serve an expanding list of Canadian clients…

12 Feb 2013

After encountering some issues over the past few years, the Toronto stock market recently looked as though it is heading toward improvement. Despite the faltering employment and housing starts that were reported last week, economists…

25 Jan 2013

Having just completed the WorkSpaces/Offices and Retail Stores in late November, we are pleased to report that there is much more activity than we expected. We just rented another retail space in our Toronto storage plaza to a well known check cashing business. So besides the new tenant, we also have located in our Toronto retail store plaza an all-day diner, hardware store, moving store and Jiffy Self-Storage office in this Toronto strip plaza. If anyone is interested in renting a small budget retail store, we suggest that they take immediate action. Otherwise, they will all be rented and if you are in the market for this type of space, we assure you that the 3 other Toronto retail stores in…

27 Dec 2012

Gross domestic product in Canada increased 0.1 percent in October after stagnating the previous month. Although the country saw a slight gain to start the third quarter, the positive bump is not as much as many economists hoped. Experts are pointing to the NHL's lockout as one of the negative factors affecting the national economy.With a high cost of living in Toronto, Canadians in the area are encouraged to utilize self storage to free up space in their homes in order to take full advantage of the costly space.The NHL lockout caused a 1.6 percent drop in the arts, entertainment and recreation category, which accounts for 0.8 percent of the Canadian economy.“The NHL lockout piled on to what was already…

14 Dec 2012

High rise building in Toronto is leading the Western world. According to a recent study by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, tall building construction is beating out every other city in the Western Hemisphere. Toronto has nearly 15 skyscrapers 45 stories or higher currently being built.Small business owners looking to avoid the undoubtedly high prices to open office space in these high rises should consider Toronto self storage. Units are available to conduct business operations at a much lower cost that won't break the bank.The council said that by 2015, Toronto is expected to have 44 skyscrapers that are more than 150 meters high, up from only 13 in 2005.“There’s no doubt that Canada is at the…

26 Nov 2012

Small business owners preparing for retirement need to have a plan laid out when selling their businesses.Entrepreneurs who are undergoing a move should consider running business operations out of a self storage unit, to replace the high price of office rent with the low price of a storage facility.Larry Wasser, entrepreneur at the Rotman School of Management, recently conveyed to the Toronto Star the emotional toll that selling a small business has on the owner.“I don’t know that you can prepare," Wasser told the news source. "But in every entrepreneur’s DNA is the burning desire to be successful, and they tend to be good at change. They need to adapt the skillset they’ve used at business and now use it…

12 Nov 2012

Toronto’s leading self storage service provider has recently completed construction of 5 brand new retail units. This has created new and additional opportunities for aspiring business owners to secure a great retail location. Jiffy Self Storage Plaza, Toronto,  has a wide array of benefits for entrepreneurial business owners. First of all, the plaza is located at the major cross roads of the greater Toronto Area. This provides easy access to Highways 401 & 400. Whether you are on your way to work or having customers visit, this ease of travel is a benefit that most other places cannot provide. Toronto Retail Strip Plaza with lots of front loaded parking Thinking of starting a new business? One of…

25 Oct 2012

The many small business owners in Canada will be pleased to know that Square, the mobile payment system created by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, has launched in Canada.Small business owners should also consider a Toronto self storage facility as an office building, in place of the high price of rent required to run operations out of a traditional space.Square is a device that can be attached to an iPhone, iPad or Android device and has the ability to accept credit card payments, streamlining business operations.“We are focused on making commerce easy for everyone," said Alyssa Cutright, vice president of International for Square. "Square builds free tools for local businesses of all sizes and types to thrive. We’re thrilled to introduce…

4 Oct 2012

It’s not often that a capital project comes in “On Time” and “On Budget” but this is exact outcome of this Phase 2 Project of Workspaces and Retail Stores. Toronto General Contractors, Power Mechanical completed the project with a minimum of delays and even if they were working against some delays, they made up valuable time elsewhere. Dismantling block wall for installation of new full height retail store fronts Project scope of work included complete demolition of a large existing restaurant to bare walls, demolition of block walls, installation of new store fronts, interior workspace partitions, HVAC (Heating and Air Conditioning ducts to supply and return air), fire sprinklers and complete upgrade of internal security and fire systems.…

28 Sep 2012

Canadians are back to starting their own businesses. Some see opportunities, some want a change but for others like Julie McClure, juicing might have saved her life, well at least her quality of life.Any Canadians in the Toronto-area looking to forgo the high prices of office space and replace that cost with cheap storage, containers are available to conduct business operations.As for McClure, she was working nearly 100 hour weeks in corporate finance at Wall Street then Bay Street. The migraines she had as a child turned into a chronic problem, so she needed a change.McClure took a sabbatical and came back a year later as the founder of Toronto's Benourished cleansing program, providing consumers with juices and vegan meals…

26 Sep 2012

Toronto is a city full of opportunity for businesses. Our economy is designed to reward risk taking entrepreneurs. However, some aspiring entrepreneurs may find that the risk involved with undertaking a new business may be too great. Jiffy Self-Storage, Toronto’s leading Self-Storage service provider, now has an exclusive option for such cautious individuals. Workspace/office with internet for any business/service Jiffy Workspace/Offices for rent in Toronto make starting a Toronto business easier than ever before. This concept is unique to Toronto is  derived from Jiffy Self-Storage Toronto experiences and successes . Operating their storage facility for over 25 years has given Jiffy Storage Toronto considerable insight into what entrepreneurial businesses need in today’s fast moving world. These…

4 Jul 2012

With many consumers expected to reduce their spending this year, a recent survey shows small businesses are not planning on raising prices anytime soon.The survey, by BMO Bank of Montreal, found that 67 percent of Canadian small businesses will not be raising prices in 2012. This was in line with the 22 percent who said reduced consumer spending would be the biggest challenge this year, the most popular response."Modest economic and wage growth, the lure of cross-border deals and global economic uncertainty have convinced many Canadian businesses not to raise prices," said Sal Guatieri, senior economist for BMO Capital Markets. "For many businesses, remaining competitive and focusing on productivity are primary concerns, both of which will help Canadian businesses in…

5 May 2012

More and more Toronto seniors are finding it necessary to delay retirement or continue to work throughout their retirement in order to supplement their earnings.  The cost of living continues to rise, especially in large cities like Toronto, resulting in more baby boomers in Toronto remaining in or re-joining the work force. As this is an unfortunate reality that seniors now have to endure, one Toronto storage company has an alternative to alleviate some of the financial burdens of our seniors. Jiffy Self-Storage, Toronto’s leading self-storage service provider, is now offering budget Workspace/Offices to seniors to work in peace, in order to earn a little extra money to supplement their retirement income.  Professionals like retired therapists and accountants can easily…

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