Motorcycle storage tips
27 Apr 2020

Top Tips for Storing Your Motorcycle

In Ontario, there are many wonderful motorcycle routes that draw a large group of riders. For many motorcycle enthusiasts, having their bikes in working order when the spring season comes around is essential. Once the winter season in the GTA arrives, finding the right storage space for your bike is…

Tips to Take Your Car Out of Storage
25 Nov 2019

The most exciting part of storing your car away for the winter is dreaming of that sunny day when you can uncover it and hit the roads again. Is it time for the big reveal?…

How to Store Your Bicycle Long-Term
23 Aug 2019

There are some things in life that we like to hold on to. For many of us, one of those things is our bike. Considering how inconveniently shaped they are, these vehicles don’t always fit…

Tips for Putting Your Car in Long-Term Vehicle Storage
2 Jan 2019

There are many instances where you might want to store your vehicle for extended periods of time. For example, you may have a convertible that you only drive in the summer months. Or maybe you…

Storage facility for boats and other vehicles
18 Sep 2018

Storing boats and other recreational vehicles during the off-season is a probability for many Ontario residents, especially those who enjoy visiting cottages during the summer months. Depending on the location, indoor storage units can be…

17 Apr 2017

There comes a point in many vehicles’ lives when they become temporarily unneeded, or simply need to be moved out of the way. Some people are lucky enough to have space on their property to store them, but others turn to outside storage facilities for assistance. Whether you personally are providing the storage space, or are looking for a storage facility to do the job for you, below are some tips to help you prep your vehicle for short or long-term storage. Clean Thoroughly When putting a vehicle in storage, whether long or short-term, it is essential that it be put away clean. Leaving dirt and grime inside or outside the vehicle can cause unwanted smells, fabric damage and paint…

22 Feb 2016

You may find yourself no longer having the space to store your vintage car at home, or simply wanting additional protection if you don’t have a garage. Given that your vintage car is likely one of your most valuable assets, it is important that it receives the care and protection it needs. Whatever your needs may be, a storage facility is likely to have exactly what you are looking for. Below is a guide to vintage car storage, including the measures you should take while storing it. Types of Car Storage: There are generally three types of car storage that a storage facility will offer, including indoor, covered and outdoor. Indoor Car Storage. This type of storage refers to a…

14 Aug 2013

Many people are unaware that there are facilities where you can store your vehicle. Whether you are looking to keep your landscape equipment and trailer locked up while you are not using it for the…

7 Jun 2012

With a boom in Toronto condo units, many in the city are turning to car rental services in order to get from point A to point B. According to, the car rental services in the city are expanding and taking off because of it.The most popular is Zipcar, which will soon add full-size cargo vans and a monthly membership option for those who use the company's vehicles. Car2Go is another popular service, allowing drivers to rent vehicles for a one-way trip on an hourly basis – a bit like a taxi that people can drive themselves."Somebody over the weekend said, 'How is business going?' I talked about traffic, the price of gas, the number of condos going up. All…

25 May 2012

For those living in the suburbs outside a major city, getting around can be an issue. While public transportation options like buses and subways exist, it's often much faster to drive. However, owning a car is typically pricey and parking can be a headache, leading many suburbanites and city dwellers to ditch their wheels.The car-sharing company Autoshare seeks to be a compromise for those who don't want to be stuck with public transportation but can't justify the costs of a full-time car. The company offers affordable rates for drivers to have access to a car when they need it, but the vehicles are shared with other members around the city.Autoshare is already very popular in Toronto, and now the company…

1 May 2012

A rare Lamborghini owned by a celebrity chef has been recovered in Richmond, California, after police tracked the item down at a self storage facility.Food Network star and chef Guy Fieri found himself entangled in a Hollywood-style mystery last year when his 2008 Lamborghini Spyder Gallardo was stolen from a dealership in California where it was being serviced. The thief allegedly rappelled off of the roof of the dealership in order to break in through a window, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. He then drove away in Fieri's vehicle.Police had essentially given up finding the vehicle, as the crime was committed more than a year ago. However, after tracking the subject in connection with another crime, they eventually found…

23 Feb 2012

Most motorcycle enthusiasts cringe when the weather turns cold, as it tends to mean it's time to put the hog away for the winter. Although those who enjoy the open road may get depressed at the thought of having to hibernate their Harleys or street bikes, most would prefer to pick the correct storage method for their bikes rather than ruin them recently gave its advice for properly storing motorcycles during the winter. The first thing owners need to do it pick a location to keep the bike. Some might have ample room in their garage for the bike, while others might need to consider renting a unit at a nearby self storage facility. When looking at possible units,…

26 Jan 2012

Many people enjoy going for a bike ride during the warmer months, however finding storage for these two-wheeled rides off-season can pose certain challenges, The Independent reports.According to the source, bikes are some of the most difficult items to store as they are very awkwardly shaped. They also need to be protected against the elements as they are prone to rust which can break a chain or lock-up gears.Those living in an apartment setting are limited in where they can store bikes – some opt to keep them chained outside of their buildings in the warm weather and store the heavy forms of transportation inside their homes during the winter. This means climbing the stairs with it, bringing it down…

30 Nov 2011

When the warm temperatures fade away and the cold weather kicks into gear, it's the time of year vehicle owners take their summer cars off the road and place them in storage. But before that's done, there's a few maintenance tips they should keep in mind before putting their rides to bed for the winter. Automotive specialists say that one of the most important things to do is to have the car thoroughly cleaned to prevent corrosion. This includes washing the exterior and the undercarriage, as well as waxing it. The interior should also be given a rigorous cleaning. Having the oil changed is strongly encouraged, as the byproducts of used oil can can tarnish the engine, which can be…

18 Oct 2011

One of the world's leading auction houses is selling some highly sought-after vintage vehicles to the highest bidder.Ricthie Bros. Auctioneers, which is generally known for selling industrial goods, is holding a vintage vehicle auction for the public,scheduled to be held in Edmonton on October 26 and 27. Approximately 4,000 items will be sold altogether, including 35 automobiles and 140 pickup trucks.But what is sure to garner the attention of car enthusiasts are the vintage vehicles that will be on hand, including a 1929 Chevrolet, a 1955 Ford Thunderbird Convertible, a 1973 Cadillac Coupe Deville and a 1975 Cadillac Eldorado.According to Jim Rotlisberger, regional manager for the auction house, approximately 2,500 automobiles have been sold in Edmonton since 2010 and 16,000…

28 Sep 2011

Automotive enthusiasts are counting down the days to the return of the University of Toronto's largest student auto race in the country – The U of T Shootout.With more than 400 engineering students expected to participate, the event will feature 21 Formula SAE teams that will compete in an auto racing challenge. Formula SAE is a collegiate design competition that was created by the Society of Automotive Engineers in 2001.In addition to racing their creations, teams will be evaluated by a panel of automotive experts on their respective vehicles' design, economy and performance. The winning team will be awarded with a voucher that can go toward purchasing a set of high-quality tires. Additional cash prizes will be given out for…

11 Jul 2011

With gas prices near record levels, it’s becoming easier for Torontonians to leave their cars at home and walk to work or take the bus. But if locals need a stronger incentive, what it costs to park in the GTA may do the trick. According to an annual survey conducted by Colliers International, a commercial real estate company, Toronto has some of the highest business district parking rates in the country. The study found that the median parking rate in Toronto is $342 per month and $23 per day, making Toronto the second most expensive city to park in in all of Canada. Outpricing Toronto is Calgary, as Colliers says the median parking rate there is $486 monthly and nearly…

5 Jul 2011

Rare is the report indicating a drop in the cost of living in Canada, and continuing that theme is the finding that auto insurance rates have risen for the average Toronto motorist. According to the online insurance quote comparison service Kanetix, auto insurance premiums increased 6.4 percent in Ontario in the second quarter of 2011 compared to the same three-month period last year. George Small, co-founder of Kanetix, said that many Canadians could have saved themselves some money by better informing themselves about the discounts many insurers offer. “Although rates are higher compared to last year, consumers can still find ways to lower their auto insurance premiums if they ensure they are taking advantage of available discounts and take the…

4 May 2011

Canada motorists sure do love their cars, as two recent sales reports from Kia and Subaru attest. According to Kia Canada, April was the best month ever for car sales in the country, as more than 6,000 vehicles were sold for the first time in the 11 years it’s been serving the region. “It is quite evident that Canadians continue to embrace our world-class design, technology and safety while appreciating the benefit of our fuel efficient vehicle lineup,” said Maria Soklis, vice president and chief operating officer for Kia Canada. Not to be outdone was fellow Asian car manufacturer Subaru. The Japanese auto company performed well in Canada last month, as units sold surpassed 2,900 – a near 10 percent…

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