22 Dec 2016

Smart And Hilarious Tips For Surviving Urban Living

As more and more people move into large urban environments, whether for job opportunities, or educational opportunities, or to feel as though they are part of something bigger than themselves, the pressure of living in a crowded environment can really start to build. We have all sort of terms for the chaos of urban settings, like the concrete jungle, or the rat race. These terms more or less denote a feeling of being caged in and surrounded, by people, buildings, traffic, noise, etc. If urban living is driving you crazy, below are some tips for smartly and hilariously surviving it. Forego an Ironing Board One of the main drawbacks that keeps many people away from large urban environments is the lack of space. Small apartments mean giving up certain things that simply won’t fit, like ironing boards. A hair straightener is the next best thing if you don’t have an ironing board. Make Your Own Coffee If there is one…


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