21 Jul 2017

How To Store Antique Books

Books are something we often collect after we read them. A good book can become part of who we are, which is why so many people are reluctant to give up the books that have meant the most to them – even if they are not first editions,or original prints, and can be easily bought at any major chain bookstore. When a book is an antique, however, the need to keep it in great condition increases. If you are a collector, or, perhaps, didn’t even know that you had antique books in your collection, below are some important storage tips to make sure that your books are always well protected. Avoid slipcases Many people swear by slipcases. These are containers that books are slid into, but they don’t end up protecting the spine. The problem with slipcases is that they can sometimes damage the book when taking it in and out because the width of the slipcase is not ideal…

15 Dec 2016

Moving is stressful business. Packing, saying good bye, changing your address, letting everyone you know of your address change, and making sure your family is prepared can all weigh on you. Moving is definitely one of those things that’s not really possible to procrastinate and do at the last minute. You have to bite the bullet and start planning in advance. If you are planning a big move soon and don’t know where to start, here are some tips for preparing and planning ahead. Keep a Move Diary Keeping a notebook with all of the things you’ve already done and things that you still need to do is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. By…

13 Dec 2013

The wristwatch has proven one of the most well-loved and popular bits of high-functioning fashion for generation after generation. From the cheapest of the low-end Timex to the fanciest Tag Heuer, watches are an unmistakable marker of one’s look – and, with the high-end brands that go for the price of a used car, luxury lifestyle. And who knows watches better than the Swiss? The world’s toniest watchmakers gathered in Geneva earlier this year to trot out their newest portable timekeepers. Here are the top 10 coolest watches from the show. 10 – F.P. Journe Quantieme Perpetual A classic-looking beauty from the Swiss company F.P. Journe, which builds all the parts in its watches. 9 – AudemarsPiguet AudemarsPiguet remains a…


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