17 Aug 2011

Food truck craze coming to Toronto, other Canadian cities

With public exposure to food trucks increasing throughout North America, it was only a matter of time before the craze for the movable feasts came to the Toronto area and other major Canadian metros, reports say. According to Yahoo Canada, many residents of Toronto, Vancouver and Edmonton, among other Canadian cities, have shown they are content with the limited number of food trucks conducting business in their communities. Zane Caplansky, a food truck owner who does business in Toronto, told the National Post that people all over the city enjoy his food – and at all times of the day. “The licence is restrictive and arbitrary, but when we showed up on Ossington at two in the morning and people started clapping, you realize this is what people want,” Caplansky told the news source. With a number of food truck entrepreneurs coming to Toronto, some of them may need a place to store away some cooking appliances and other truck…

5 Aug 2011

With gas prices at record levels and few indications they will come down any time soon, bicycle use has taken off, according to the Canadian Press. Toronto resident Robert Lendvai is one such bicycle rider, who told the paper he has taken one of his family’s cars off the road, opting to take his bike to work instead. Other residents told the paper they are taking advantage of the city’s bike sharing program, Bixi, which was launched in May. Susan Shaheen, who heads the Innovative Mobility Program at the University of California, told the source Toronto’s trending away from car ownership and toward alternative sources of travel are a growing theme throughout North America. “I definitely sense some sort of…

12 May 2011

Toronto thrill seekers may soon be taking a walk on the wild side – literally. According to Canada’s National Tower, Toronto’s iconic structure will soon be furnished with an EdgeWalk, allowing people who want to see the city from 1168 feet in the air the opportunity to do so. “We think it’s fitting that Toronto’s newest attraction in 18 years should be at the city’s most defining landmark,” said Mark Laroche, president and CEO of the owner of the CN Tower, Canada Lands Company. “EdgeWalk is both thrilling and unique and will push visitors to their limits – literally and figuratively. This will be among Toronto’s, if not the world’s, greatest attractions.” Laroche and other officials for the CN Tower…

3 May 2011

Many Torontonians are fortunate enough to have their own bicycles, and because the cost of gasoline has been rising almost daily, more people are taking bikes out of storage units and using them as an alternative source of transportation. And thanks to a new program that just recently kicked off, bike owners won’t be the only ones taking advantage of two-wheeled travel. The bike sharing program, BIXI Toronto, is now officially available to any and all residents of the GTA, as 1,000 bicycles are located at 80 stations throughout the downtown area. The cost is $40 for a month or $95 per year for regular users. Gian-Carlo Crivello, director of business development for the Public Bike System Company, recently described…

25 Mar 2011

Summer is still several months away, so Torontonians will have to wait a bit before they raid their storage units to get their patio furniture. But they may want to grab a few lawn chairs from storage, as a much-anticipated electronic item is finally being made available in the Toronto area. All across the GTA, hundreds of people are standing and sitting in lengthy lines outside electronic retailers anxiously awaiting the release of Apple’s iPad 2. While the tablet has already been released in the U.S., this is the first time Torontonians will be able to buy the popular product, which starts at $519. “I am going to buy two, one for me and one to cover my cost of…

4 Mar 2011

While many people rent out Toronto storage units to house their vehicles, limited space often prevents large cars from being stored. But if the electric car movement comes to Ontario as it’s expected to, small cars will be the “in” thing. Better Place, an electric-vehicle service provider, opened up an electric car demonstration and education center recently with the funding help of the Ontario government. “The general public will be able to access and see, touch and feel what it would be like to have an electric vehicle,” said Sandra Pupatello, the province’s economic development and trade minister. The opening of the education center will bring two additional electric-vehicle charging sites to the Greater Toronto area. If U.S. sales are…

22 Feb 2011

Those who have recently moved to Toronto but can’t help but be uncertain about whether it was the right decision can take heart: It’s among the most most liveable cities in the world. Every year, the Economist magazine conducts a sweeping assessment of 140 cities around the world. With ratings from 1 to 100 – 1 being intolerable, 100 being heaven on earth – it ranks cities’ liveability based on 30 factors like education, environment, culture, infrastructure and healthcare. And fourth on this year’s list is Toronto, with a comfortability rating of 97.2. Canada as a whole fared well, as Vancouver ranked first overall with a score of 98.0, and Calgary fell just short of Toronto as the fifth most…

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