Souvenir storing techniques
22 Oct 2018

How to Store Souvenirs without Them Becoming Unnecessary Clutter

Whether you spent a weekend in Banff or a month in Morocco, chances are you’ve collected a bunch of souvenirs during your time away. From travel brochures to exotic trinkets, it’s hard to part with the mementos we’ve collected during our travels. They not only serve as scorecards of the…

20 Dec 2016

As soon as temperatures drop below seven degrees Celsius, it’s time to swap out your all-weather, or your summer, or whatever tires you have on your car and opt for winter tires. In these sorts of temperatures, winter tires are far more reliable, and far safer than all weather tires. We know tires are expensive, so here some convincing reasons why you need to install your winter tires. The Science of Traction The main reason that winter tires perform so much better in conditions where the temperature has dropped below seven degrees is grip. Winter tires provide better grip on the road, hands down. As temperatures drop, the road becomes similarly colder, and much harder. Summer tires are made with…

4 Sep 2015

The excitement of a long vacation can often be overshadowed by the preparation. There are flights and hotels to book, routes to plan, and cities to be researched, but what about everything back at home? Here are five tips to keep your home and possessions safe and secure while you travel—and give yourself the peace of mind needed to enjoy your vacation! Get Your Documents In OrderOrganize all the documents you need for travel—passports, tickets, boarding passes—and keep them extra secure by photocopying them and taking photos. Call Your BankMake sure to phone your bank to let them know you will be travelling. The last thing you need is your card getting declined in a new city! Take Care of…

25 Jun 2015

The time has come for you to trek across the country to start a new life. You’ve got a new job and now you have to say goodbye to your friends and family as you embark on the next chapter of your journey. Moving can be tough even when you’re staying in the same city, so it’s only natural that a cross-country move can bring on some anxiety. However, there are ways of preparing for a cross-country move that will make it easier on you. Don’t Leave Anything Until The Last Minute The earlier you start packing, the less anxiety you’ll have the night before. Leave out essential items like a change of clothes and toiletries for the day of…

1 Jun 2015

When travelling with a pet, there are many considerations you have to make. Will you be taking a car? Flying? Can your pet handle spending hours cooped up? Before you make arrangements and bring your dog along on your tropical vacation check out the do’s and don’ts of travelling with a pet: If you’re making a temporary move to a long-distance location, bringing all of your pet’s belongings is not only going to take up a lot of room in your car, it’s also going to act as an unwanted distraction to your pet. Even tucked away in the trunk, your pet will smell their familiar toys and treats, which will likely cause them to be restless. Instead of moving…

23 May 2013

With Toronto completely transformed by warmer spring weather and the quickly approaching end of the school year, many Canadians are gearing up for summer vacation and the moving season. Time it right, and you could…

27 Mar 2013

Like a plane in ascent, the price of airfare continues to rise worldwide.According to a recent study by travel website, June was the most expensive month to travel and airfare increased by up to…

13 Mar 2013

There are several reasons a tourist would want to visit Toronto; however, Robert Selwitz has some ideas as to why there might be an uptick in interest to venture to Canada's largest city. In 2011,…

10 Jan 2013

In order to preserve the integrity of some of Toronto's most beloved pieces of its history and generate money for the city, mayor Tom Ford wants to place a wrap around advertisement for Kraft Canada Ltd. around the Sam McBride ferry. Although most of Ford's opposers are against the idea of what some call "messy advertising," those who support the idea are certain the ads would be placed tastefully. For advertisement collectors and fanatics, it would be a good idea to purchase a Toronto storage space to protect valuables. A self storage space is not only an easy way to store personal items, but it can save people time when it comes to organizing. The city has been offering the…

29 Aug 2012

Business travelers coming from Toronto need to remain productive in the air, even while they're on the ground. Before now, that wasn't possible for many passengers who are part of the workforce.Gogo, an in-air wireless internet provider, was recently granted permission by Industry Canada to equip certain flights in Canada and some to the United States with wireless connectivity.Many business travelers aren't home very much,, which can put their prized possessions in jeopardy of being stolen or misplaced. By investing a Toronto self storage facility, they can make sure their things stay safe when they are away from home. "This license will allow us to offer seamless connectivity service for both our commercial airline partners and business aviation customers operating between…

25 Aug 2011

A new survey reveals where some of Canadians' longest commutes are located. And according to the poll, Toronto tops the list.Statistics Canada reports that among full-time workers in Canada, Toronto-area drivers tend to get stuck in traffic jams most often at 29 percent, followed by Montreal and Vancouver at 26 percent and 25 percent, respectively.The report also detailed the average commute time for Canadians. At 33 minutes, Toronto travellers had the longest average.Despite the long travel times, the survey also found that workers were generally unconcerned with their length. For instance, 85 percent of commuters said they were satisfied with the commute period, with 15 percent being dissatisfied.In addition, the survey detailed the modes in which Canadians travelled. At 82…

12 Aug 2011

Due to rising gas prices and the popularity of bike sharing programs, more Torontonians are driving to various destinations on two wheels instead of four. But according to the Ontario Medical Association, the province isn’t as bicycle-friendly as it should be. The OMA is urging the provincial government to enact policies that will help make cycling safer for everyone, as it will encourage more people to take advantage of an ideal form of exercise. “Two-thirds of Canadians are inactive, putting them at greater risk of chronic disease,” said Stewart Kennedy, president of the OMA. “Cycling is a great a way to stay fit and a way for people of all ages to add essential physical activity to their daily lives…

18 May 2011

Ontarians may know a lot of things, but one thing they’re unclear about is tipping. At least, that’s what a recent survey is suggesting. According to TD Canada Trust and its First Class Travel International Etiquette Poll, 77 percent of Ontarians plan on travelling this summer, but more than half of them aren’t sure about tipping etiquette. The poll found that 58 percent said they weren’t clear on what qualified as a good tip. Some respondents admitted that it’s proven to be so much of a conundrum, it’s left them feeling confused and stressed at times. The survey also found that 29 percent of respondents planned on travelling outside of the country this year. For those that have traveled outside…

24 Feb 2011

The forecast shows snow showers and temperatures topping out in the mid-30s for the Toronto area in the coming days. But there’s another reason Toronto residents should keep their summer cars safely stowed away in their storage units: gas prices. According to, Greater Toronto area gas prices jumped nearly four cents literally overnight. Economists attribute the sudden rise in prices to the ongoing political unrest in the Middle East, particularly in Libya, as several oil-producing companies have shut down their operations amid countrywide protests. The gas-monitoring website says the average price of gas throughout the Greater Toronto area now stands at $1.20 per liter. “[High gas prices] will obviously have a rippling effect throughout the economy and put us…


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