23 Sep 2016

The 5 Best Storage Solutions For Toys

As a parent, it can be difficult to keep your child’s play area tidy. It can also be challenging to maintain toy storage spaces without toys falling on the floor and becoming tripping hazards. Don’t let toys take over your home—instead, turn to our experts for the latest storage solutions! Here are some tips on the best storage solutions for toys. Use Hanging Totes Tote bags are ideal containers for children’s toys because they are easily moved by children themselves and can be hung from hooks on doors or walls throughout the play area. It’s important to label hanging totes with the toys that go inside so that the child knows which bag they have to look through to find their favourite toy. Each bag should also have a set place within the playroom to encourage organization. Consider Modular Options Modular options such as benches help to keep an open feel to the playroom area. A bench with cubbies underneath…


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